Zendaya confirms that this 2023 we will wear the ‘twiggy’ eyelashes: what they are and how to do them

last night were held sag awards, an award from the actors union to recognize the main performances made by its members. Since they were created in 1995, they have become one of the most important events in the film industry, which is why guests give it their all on the red carpet.

Among her attendees, actresses such as Jessica Chastain, Jenna Ortega, Julia Garner and Ana de Armas, among others, stood out with a 10 in style, although who left us intrigued with her makeup was Zendaya. Rue’s interpreter (Euphoria) never disappoints with her looks, but this time it was the choice of her ‘makeup’ that caught our attention the most.

The artist trusted Raoúl, a makeup artist based between Paris and Los Angeles whose avant-garde style has led him to star in makeup on the covers of major fashion magazines. Angelina Jolie and Willow have been some celebrities who have relied on his work, but none as frequently as Zendaya.

Giveaway makeover

On this occasion, both opted for a glamorous look with a certain ‘vintage’ inspiration, highlighting, above all, the eyelashes. The actress walked the red carpet with a Twiggy style makeupwith very marked lower lashes that framed his eyes.

The rest of the ‘beauty look’ was quite neutral, with natural lips with dark eyeliner and gloss and a fairly dull skin that contrasts with the latest juiciest and brightest trends.

Returning to the eyelashes, this technique, although it is not widely used on a day-to-day basis, many celebrities rely on it for their red carpet poses to complement a look that needs a certain push or that seeks to highlight this feature of their anatomy. One of Zendaya’s strengths is her penetrating gaze and extremely slanted eyes, which is why these lashes achieve pay attention to this point.

Before the American actress, we had already seen it at Latto during the 2022 VMAs and at Lucy Boynton on various occasions (although our favorite is at the premiere of The Politicianwhere she wore a ‘beauty look’ inspired by Corpse Bride)

How to wear ‘twiggy’ eyelashes on a day-to-day basis

Lucy Boynton wore them painted with an ‘eyeliner’ in a rather striking look that is ideal for a party where we want to stand out. Zendaya, for her part, used individual false eyelashes that, despite being less exaggerated than those of the blonde actress, are still too much for day to day, so we are left with the option of Selena Gomez.

In addition to being an actress and singer, Selena has created Rare Beauty, her own makeup brand that is extremely committed to mental health. On her TikTok and Instagram, the businesswoman also posts some of her favorite looks with her own products, where she has left us one of the perfect techniques to get the most discreet ‘twiggy’ eyelashes and for this we only need a mascara and some tweezers.

After completing her makeup routine, Selena applies makeup to her upper lashes in the same way as always. However, for the lower rub one of the tweezers on the brush of mascara and, once loaded with product, press your bottom lashes together in small segments.

With this quick and suitable technique for ‘dummies’, we can achieve this flattering look with hardly any effortadapting a red carpet look to give that touch of glamor to our routine.

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