Who is who among Foreo’s ‘beauty’ devices that you can now buy up to 65% off at Fnac

The perfect facial routine does not live only from moisturizer (or from an eye contour if we have already turned 30!). The tools beauty They play a fundamental role in good skin care, since, in general terms, they help cosmetic active ingredients to act faster and deeper, as the well-known jade roller. No less important are those aimed at cleaning, since they are the ones in charge of ending the clogging of the pores so that later the natural ingredients can carry out their work.

For it to be effective, we must be consistent with its use.

The variety available on the market, as you already know, is almost infinite, being able to find models suitable for all audiences and pockets via the Internet, although not all of them have the same fame. Are you also thinking about Foreo? The well-known brand, in addition to its silicone facial brushes, rose to fame for having a mask enhancer, until then, never seen before. an object of desire beauty that it is not within the reach of all budgets except on marked dates, such as Prime Day, Black Friday or that it is included in Fnac’s outstanding offers. Now, the Ufo models and many others are with discounts of up to 65% in the ecommerce, are you going to miss them?

Foreo discounts at Fnac

The Luna range, to cleanse the face. Electric cleaning brushes have crept into our routines beauty thanks to allow us to remove dirt from the face more effectively. At Foreo, this task falls to the Luna range. The Fofo model has facial sensors that analyze the areas of the face to measure the degree of hydration and thus design a personalized cleaning routine. It is controlled through an application in which it indicates the intensity of the pulsations, the duration of the treatment and the areas in which it is necessary to affect.

  • This model is reduced 31 euros. From costing 89 euros, it can now be yours for 58.
The Foreo Luna, designed for deep skin cleansing.
The Foreo Luna, designed for deep skin cleansing.

The Ufo models, for an intelligent application of the masks. This device offers a complete facial treatment that allows the mask to penetrate deeper into the skin, thus achieving greater effects. To do this, it uses T-Sonic pulsations and also thermotherapy so that the absorption of the product is greater. In addition to facilitating application, this gadget Activates blood circulation for better results.

  • This model is reduced 62 euros. From costing 139 euros, it can now be yours for 77.
This is the 'beauty gadget' everyone is talking about.
This is the ‘beauty gadget’ that everyone is talking about.

Los Bear, for a facial with microcurrents. If we need to firm our skin, we must resort to the Bear model, designed to offer a firming treatment through microcurrents. With them, and with the pulsations T-Sonic, also tones the skin and defines areas prone to aging. Thus, it is a complete preventive anti-wrinkle treatment.

  • This model is reduced 57 euros. From costing 219 euros, it can now be yours for 162.
The Foreo Bear brings microcurrent treatment home.
The Foreo Bear brings microcurrent treatment home.

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