Where to get the eye cream that triumphs on Amazon with 20,000 reviews (and it’s out of ‘stock’!)

Although many of us have grown up with the idea that until the age of 25 or 30 it was not necessary to include it in our routine, the specific cream for the eye contour It is one of the unavoidable allies in beauty sessions: there is no age to recommend it to apply it, because the sooner the better! To begin with, we must not lose sight of the fact that the skin in this area is up to five times thinner and more sensitive than that of the rest of the face, being a one of the first to show signs of fatigue (yes, dark circles and bags!), stress or age. In addition, being in constant movement due to blinking and expressive gestures, it suffers from the stresses of the day that, added to environmental factors, cause premature aging.

The eye contour requires specific care.

Incorporating this cosmetic is not an option; although the choice we make (texture, ingredients, brand, price…), opening before us a range of possibilities that tends to suffocate us. We are faithful, when it comes to discarding products or choosing the definitive one, to use the comments of the users who have already tried them as a guide; which has led us to the repair cream for the contour of the eyes of Cerave that on Amazon accumulates more than 19,500 ratings… and is currently without stock available!

Everything indicates that the success it has achieved on the website of the shopping giant on-line (4.3 average grade!) Has caused it to be out of stock as of the date of writing this news item. A sales success that must, however, be thanked for the formulation and the good results: it has been tested under ophthalmological control and does not contain perfume, making it suitable for sensitive skin; its formula includes three essential ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin; and visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles thanks to the extracts of marine plants. But, if we want to check if it also fits with our routine, where should we buy the repairing cream for the Cerave eye contour?

This cream is suitable for all skin types.
This cream is suitable for all skin types.

Where to buy the Ceravé eye contour

Although it is on Amazon where this cosmetic accumulates almost 20,000 reviews, in the retail giant on-line It can currently only be purchased through third parties with prices ranging between 13 and 18 euros, without taking into account the possible delivery costs of each distributor. But do not spread panic! The Ceravé eye contour is for sale in other ecommerce, as in Primor, where we can buy it for 10.51 euros, thanks to a discount of 18%. The product has the same price in Atida Mifarma where, on this occasion, we can find it with a discount of 16% compared to its usual price. Other shops where we find this repairing cream are El Corte Inglés, with a sale price of 12.55 euros, in Miravia for 11.28 and in Druni, for 11.95.

How to apply the contour

To achieve the best effects provided by this cosmetic, we must include it in our daily day and night routines with which we will achieve a constant hydration of the area that avoids bags and marked dark circles. Being designed with a specific formulation for this delicate area of ​​the face, it must be reserved exclusively for it. It is enough to apply a small amount of cream, similar to a grain of rice and spread it giving small touches around the area, including crow’s feet. There are also those who take advantage of this cosmetic to perform a massage with some roll on specific or a cold treatment that offers more benefits to the skin.

It is not advisable to drag the cream through the skin if we want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and we must always do it after removing the remains of makeup and dirt on the face, the first step in any routine beauty. Either we opt for a double cleaning or for the toner wash methodthen we will apply the contour so that, in addition, it acts as a barrier in which other cosmetics for the face do not penetrate.

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