We know how to get a tan without sunbathing (and it’s not with bronzers that leave a stain)


Now that the days have started to get longer (thanks to the time change!) and outdoor plans don’t stop, the desire to get brown has multiplied. Although it is true that we would prefer this to happen on some paradisiacal beach on the Albanian Riviera or in Thailand, since both destinations are in fashion this year, the truth is that it is still early to take a vacation. but not to show off a tanned and glowing skin let the handsome one come up

Therefore, it is not surprising that the search for accelerator cosmetics has multiplied in recent days, but also questions about which bronzers are good or how to apply them so they don’t leave a stain. And it is that not all those that are marketed have the results that we expect, as more than one of us have verified (anyone else who ended up with orange rashes?).

Of course, so much testing has led us to discover formulas that we do like and that, far from artificial results, promote a natural and brilliant tan. One of them is the Radiance Self-Tanning Cream by Freshly Cosmeticsthe cream chosen by those who want to be tanned in three days and you should give it a try because, we confirm, it works!

Radiance Self-Tanning Cream Bronzer.
Radiance Self-Tanning Cream Bronzer.
Freshly Cosmetics

We love this bronzer for its ability to gradually achieve a natural tone and durable without exposing ourselves to the sun. And he achieves it in just three days in which we see results after the first application, which allows us to adapt the desired tone. Of course, it is recommended that, the day before the first use, we exfoliate our skin. Then, it is applied all over the body daily until the desired tan is achieved and, to maintain it, this routine is repeated every two days. It is also It is advisable to moisturize the skin every day before using this cream to achieve an even finish. And of course, it is essential to apply sun cream with a protection factor when we expose ourselves to the sun.

In addition to this ability to tan our skin naturally, this cosmetic minimizes wrinkles and skin blemishes, since its natural formulation also reinforces the firmness and elasticity of the dermis. For all these reasons, it becomes an essential product in our routine that, if it is with Freshly, should always be applied after the Body Flame on the body, and after the face cream in the morning routine or the Red Velvet Oil at night.

They homogenize the skin tone without giving up the natural effect.

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