We have found the perfect makeup: it is photoprotective, non-comedogenic and costs less than 23 euros

Wear sunscreen, especially on the face, should be a step in our daily routine, regardless of the time of year in which we find ourselves. Exposure to the sun is essential to combat the vitamin D deficiency that we usually suffer from (and which we try to counteract with serums that help control the lack of this nutrient and, therefore, treat dull skin). But you can also ccause premature aging and even skin diseases if we do not take the necessary precautions.

Being aware of this, sun protection cream occupies a privileged place in our daily routine. Even some BB Cream or CC cream that we can find for less than 10 euros incorporate this feature in their formulation. But, if we want to give our face more color than what these cosmetics give us, there is another very effective way to apply it without giving up SPF: it is about betting on a compact makeup with sunscreenlike the Isdin proposal with SPF 50+.

In this way, this cosmetic becomes the ideal to always carry with you and touch up when necessary: ​​it will give us, once again, color to the complexion and will protect us from the sun. Sun mists would have a similar function, a product that protects the face without ruining the makeup. But, if what we want is that it also provides color, then we will have to opt for compact make-up with protection like the one already highlighted by Isdin, which is for sale in Primor for 23 euros.

The format is designed to always carry it with you and to be able to touch up wherever you want.
The format is designed to always carry it with you and to be able to touch up wherever you want.

One of the reasons why we have chosen this sunscreen is because of its factor 50+ that ensures a complete and effective shield against radiation and all the problems that can derive from irresponsible exposure, whether they are burns or stains. To which is added the extra color that allows us to give the complexion natural homogeneity to show off the ‘good face’ effect that we like so much to face the routine. But we have also fallen in love with its formulation: it is oil-freemaking it ideal for all skin types (even the most oily!), and non-comedogenicwhich means that it does not clog our pores and prevents acne breakouts in case we tend to.

The benefits of Isdn’s Sun Compact do not end here, however, it still has an extra that those who want to look perfect even when they are in the sea or in the pool will love it: this photoprotective makeup is waterproof although, if we want it to be 100% effective, we must reapply the product every two hours with the help of the sponge that it includes (and using the mirror with which this format has been designed!).

In summer it is important to maximize 'beauty' care.

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