We already know what Kylie Jenner’s secret is to get velvety and perfect lips


the lips of Kylie Jenner They are almost a registered trademark. Without a doubt, they are the most characteristic feature of the little girl from the Kardashian clan and she, aware of the success they reap, knows how to get the most out of them so that they do not stop being her hallmark (and, also, that of her brand! Kylie Cosmetics!). It goes without saying that there are many who are looking for how to achieve the same result as the celebrities without puncture through to boast of a mouth with volume, juicy and in which the lipstick remains for the hours that the pressing routine demands.

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After a search through social networks, we have discovered part of the success of Kylie Jenner’s always perfect lips and, how could it be otherwise, has to do with the cosmetics firm that she leads. And, yes, it is a secret that we are going to share because we all deserve find the lipstick that stays put throughout the day while highlighting the fantastic features of our face… and because she already did it on her TikTok to publicize the star product we’ve all been wanting!

This is the Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lip Kit, the “definitive duo for velvety, soft and semi-matte lips”, as described on the Douglas website where they can be purchased in the seven shades available. This package It is made up of a highly pigmented eyeliner and liquid lipstick with a sponge applicator to provide a lot of color in a single swipe, but without straying an iota from the path we want to follow. A proposal of long lasting smudge proof which, if it works on Jenner, it should work on us too!

This 'pack' for perfect lips is available in seven shades.
This ‘pack’ for perfect lips is available in seven shades.

As we have seen on the lips of Kylie Jenner herself, the immediate, natural and velvety volume effect It leads us to make it one of our favorites, something that has also been influenced by the possibility of acquiring it in different shades. from colors naked to the most intense reds, the range available in this package covers all needs and skin tones.

The two cosmetics that we find in this kit harmonize with each other to achieve that much-sought-after effect of volume and its highly pigmented make them essential to keep lips intact for 24 hours.

Voluminous lips, also in matte

To this new launch we must add other cosmetics that we have already been able to try from the Kylie Cosmetics collection. In fact, just like this new lipstick that is characterized by helping us achieve lips with a velvety effect, we find other package similar for those who bet on mate: the collection’s Matte Lip Kit, which includes a matte liquid lipstick and liner.

In this cosmetic we find, more than 20 shades, including one that bears Kylie’s own name. It is the tone 808, a naked pink that could be the model’s favourite. We do not know if it will be the most used by the celebrities, but in her social networks we are used to seeing her with lighter neutral tones on her lips. Of course, always with her unmistakable volume that we can now achieve with the cosmetics from her collection.

This kit offers a matte finish on the lips.
This kit offers a matte finish on the lips.

We have loved both the matte and the velvety version of this cosmetic and we have gone to TikTok to find out what users think of this collection. And it is that, this social network is an inexhaustible source to discover new products, since some of the cosmetics that later have become essential in our toiletry bag go viral there.

“I want to show you how it looks because it’s brutal.” With this declaration of intent begins the video of the user @Katiagcolomer who shows how it is applied and what are the results of the Kylie tone (which we have already highlighted on these lines). In the course of the video, we can see how the user go from having thin lips to more voluminous ones and with a very natural effect. In addition, it leaves us a tip beauty if we love the effect offered by the lipstick, but we want to add a touch glow: apply Dior Lip Glow Oil as the last step.

In addition to the different shades in which it is available, to adapt to our skin or our needs beauty with each outfitswe love its matte finish that does not dry out the lips. A formula that has been in charge of reaffirming the user @Priscyescoto in her TikTok video in which she tests the 802 Candy tone.

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