Tips to always have a ‘good face’, according to a pharmaceutical expert

With the arrival of autumn and the sudden changes in temperature, our skin is subjected to attacks to which it is not accustomed. It is important to follow a series of recommendations to recover a better appearance and always have a ‘good face’.

In this video, Jerónimo Ors, pharmacist and director of the cosmetic firm Paquita Ors, reviews some of the keys to make our skin look beautiful. For example, avoiding junk food and excessive alcohol consumption are key. In addition, in the case of women, it is also necessary to take into account the rule influencewhich affects iron levels in the blood.

Stress is also reflected in the skin

To combat these issues, Ors recommends products that activate circulation and antioxidants. For example, the cream with angelica extract is a magnificent ally to take care of our skin.

Dark spots on the skin: this is the reason they appear and the way to get rid of them, according to an expert

In the video that opens this information, you can review all the advice and recommendations of the pharmaceutical expert for autumn, which began just over a month ago.

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