This is the Mercadona product that controls frizz and protects your hair from heat

For many, to our regret, the words ‘frizzy hair’ They have already become habitual in our vocabulary. As well as trying all kinds of products to avoid the ‘frizz’ effect without, at the same time, weighing down the hair or adding unnecessary fat. To fight against frizz, experts are clear that the key is to get the optimal level of hydrationas well as protect it when we use heat treatments.

Among the thousands of options that supermarkets and beauty stores offer us, social networks like TikTok recommend trying a specific product that has gone viral, a cream Mercadona that can help you solve this problem. It is a hydro cream that does not need rinsing, a hair product from the range Liss Frizz Control from Deliplus, which in addition to illuminating the hair and giving shine, promises protection that prevents the hair from deteriorating with heat.

This cream produces a perfect anti-frizz effect for straight hair, with some components that help tame the most rebellious hair. Contains bamboo extracta perfect component for fine, damaged or fragile hair, as this plant is rich in silica, a mineral that allows the hair fiber to be restructured, filling it with amino acids.

On the other hand, this Deliplus product also contains japanese camellia oil, a highly moisturizing oil extracted from the seeds of this flower that has been used in oriental cosmetics for more than 2,000 years. Finally, among its list of ingredients, the vegetable keratina protein whose molecules penetrate the cortex of the hair and improve its quality from the inside, thus obtaining greater resistance, more elasticity, more softness and shine.

Deliplus Liss Frizz Control Hydro Cream
Deliplus Liss Frizz Control Hydro Cream

The sum of all these components results in a moisturizing product that leaves hair smooth and cared for. In addition, it has a thermo-active technology which makes it the perfect ally for smoothing treatments.

To get the most out of this hydrocream, the ideal is to apply it after each wash, with damp and untangled hair. The product is designed to be applied from the media to the ends. Afterwards, use the dryer and iron to activate the product and get a straight hair without frizz. Thanks to thermo-active technology, this hydrocream is activated by the heat of the appliances and, in addition, protects from their harm.

And, if something stands out about this product, in addition to its components and how easy it is to use, it is its price. The 200-milliliter bottle of hydrocream is priced at 2.75 euros.

The tanned face fascinates us... and now we can achieve it more easily!

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