This is the Mercadona perfume that is being a sales success

Mercadona has established itself as the main supermarket chain in Spain, and it is to blame for this its firm commitment to personal care, beauty and hygiene products.

Among these articles stands out one that is a complete sales success since it went on sale, since its great value for money has meant that no customer wants it to be missing from their home.

This is the Coco Monogotas Fragrance that can be purchased both in the stores of the chain chaired by Juan Roig and in its online store at a very affordable price for a product that stands out from others for being economic at the same time that long lasting and have a great scent.

Mercadona's Monogotas Coconut Fragrance.
Mercadona’s Monogotas Coconut Fragrance.

The perfume is available for a price of 3.25 euros for the bottle of 100 milliliterswhich was recently renovated to present it with a much more modern and simple design.

Coconut is not the only aroma that we can buy at Mercadona, as they also have in their stock the fragrance of vanillawith the same design as the coconut one, of Blackberry and of appleall of them for the same price.

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