This is how we can get Camila’s hairstyle (‘Nobodyisugly’) at the Idol awards that we already saw in ‘Emily in Paris’

We love to watch awards shows to find out who is the best dressed or who really looks amazing, but red carpets are also perfect for fucking inspiration for our next lookswhether in clothing or hairstyle.

Yesterday we had this display again with the idol awardsthe awards that organizes Dulceida in which they reward the ‘influencers’ who stand out in the different fields to which they are dedicated, be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle. We witnessed Laura Escanes win the ‘influencer of the year’ award and her performances between award shows, with more than 50,000 people watching on Twitch.

the prize Ídolo ‘beauty’ it was very close, but in the end who took the trophy home it was Camillathe face behind @nobodyisugly, who collected the award in a colored sequin dress by Celia B, with puffed sleeves and fitted to the body that matched its content: cheerful and fun.

A model with natural makeup at Paris Fashion Week.

However, one of the elements that caught our attention in her look was her hairstyle, a style that We already saw Camille’s character in the last season of Emily in Paris and, as we have been able to verify, it is ideal both for day-to-day wear and for a red carpet.

Camila ('Nobodyisugly') at the Ídolo Awards
Camila (‘Nobodyisugly’) at the Ídolo Awards

It is a very simple and elegant hairstyle that we can do in less than 10 minutes, so it’s perfect for when we’re in a hurry. The stylist for this look has been Maria Roberts, Official Dyson Hairstylist, that he has told us all the details so that we can copy it at home.

Get the smooth look with a ‘glass’ effect

Of course, we have to start with the hair perfectly detangled and we apply a heat protector so that it does not suffer in the process. “The first thing is divide the hair into sections to be able to iron it better. In the case of Camila, I have used the iron Dyson Corralewhich damages it less than a conventional one and thus we can more easily achieve that ‘glass’ effect”, says the stylist.

“To achieve the polished effect, we used the Dyson Supersonic attachment for frizzy hair, Flayaway, which takes advantage of the coanda effect, causing air to draw in and lift longer hair forwards, while pushing flyaways back.” , Add. Another trick is to pass a natural bristle brush with a little hairspray to eliminate ‘frizz’.

Camille Razat in 'Emily in Paris'
Camille Razat in ‘Emily in Paris’

Once we have polished hair, we make a part in the middle of the thickness that we want the strands to be and we comb the rest of the hair backwards. “We collect the front locks behind the ears and under the nape, applying a setting product to add an extra polished, worked touch to the mane,” says Roberts.

Depending on the length of the locks we can do it with some Forks the color of our hair or, if it is very long, with a very small rubbermake a mini ponytail at the height of the neck, below the mane.

As we can see, it is one of the easiest hairstyles that we can do with a result nice and elegant. With this look, Camila took the stage to collect the award that recognized all the work of the ‘influencer’ behind her videos, in which she teaches us and makes an art of makeup.

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