These are the beauty treatments that really work (I know because I’ve tried them) and how much they hurt

After many years writing about the aesthetic medical facials that work or not for this or that ‘little problem’ today I will tell you what I have tried, what I expected from them and if my expectations have been met. I will also talk about what it feels like when you get the treatment (if they hurt or not, well, that is what we are all interested in). It is true that this last point varies greatly from each person’s pain threshold.

Do not expect that he has tried all the aesthetic medical novelties, I don’t need them, nor are they all right for me. My case is real and I think it can serve as an example to many of you who are reading me at this moment.

For ‘redness’ of the skin of vascular origin

I have couperose on one part of my faceWhen I don’t wear concealer or foundation, it shows. I almost always camouflage it, it’s a ritual. I use It cosmetics foundation and concealer, both products are covering but the result is very natural. I discovered them about five years ago and I really like them.

Make-up base and concealer It cocmetics
‘CC Illumination’ foundation and ‘Bye Bye under eye’ concealer, by It cocmetics

To treat couperosis years ago I tried what is known as ‘purple laser’ or pulsed dye laser. This laser works by gradually heating the blood vessels without directly affecting the surrounding tissue. The energy formed by this laser causes a blood coagulation process. Or, what is the same, it contracts the area and prevents the dilation of the vessels, which is what causes redness or transparent veins (telangiectasias or spider veins) in my case, on one cheek.

I did a single session. For me it was not effective because I would have needed some more but the first one did not compensate me. The treatment caused swelling on my face and my skin turned purple. It is something absolutely normal that disappears in a few days but It’s complicated to put on makeup and I didn’t feel comfortable leading a normal life like that. One more thing, the pain. It was quite painful for me. With one session I did not improve anything and I did not repeat. My ‘redness’ will live with me forever. Obviously you must assess how worrisome ‘your problem’ is, in my case it is a purely aesthetic matter. Consult your dermatologist for alternatives if you suffer from any aesthetic problem of vascular origin.

focused ultrasound

At the end of 2019 I met Ultherapy, by Merz Aesthetics, is a system that, through ultrasound, awakens collagen reserves and manages to lift, tighten and tone the skin without surgery. This is what they said in Merz and what the press release said, now I will tell you about my experience.

What it does is stimulate collagen in the deep layers of the skin. It has an ultrasound machine, so you can work with precision and on the Smas (fibromuscular layer that interconnects the muscles of the face, the middle third of the face and the neck). It is accepted by the US FDA as ‘Lifting without surgery’.

I tried it in 2020 and… I have repeated. It has pros and cons, in my case the pros win. They apply it to you in the consultation and put anesthetic cream. With a head they go ‘shooting’ on the areas to be treated (chin, cheeks, neckline…). During the treatment, ultrasound energy (those shots I was referring to) is applied.

What do you notice? It is painfulespecially in the areas where the bone is more superficial (cheekbones, chin…), but I also tell you that I know people who have not noticed pain, only discomfort. They are like little lashes. After the treatment for a few days your face hurts, it is as if it had holes in the skin. It is a long treatment, depending on the area it takes from 40 minutes to two or more hours. My results were quite immediate: luminous skin, good-looking effect… after a couple of days. And after two or three months, when you have already forgotten that you have done it, is when the tightening and remodeling effect is most noticeable. I realized it because the first time I did it was in June and around the summer everyone told me how good the holidays have been for you! And it was true… but not quite. I do it once a year. It’s not a cheap treatment. each session costs between 500 and 1000 euros depending on the areas to be treated.

Botulinum toxin

It is by far the aesthetic medical treatment that I respected the most. Every time I heard about Botox, expressionless actresses with ironed foreheads or worse: with eyebrows in Finland and eyes in South Africa.

It is not a treatment that I have tried a lot but I have applied it several times and I will tell you my impressions. Well worn, it relaxes the features and prevents expression lines from forming. which means that, once the effect of the toxin has passed (after about four months) the wrinkles are not marked.

In my case, it relaxed crow’s feet and forehead (horizontal wrinkles, I don’t have a marked frown) and I opened my eyes, I don’t know how to explain it in any other way, I think this is the most accurate expression. I have never regretted or had a bad experience, on the contrary, I have seen myself well, Yes, it is true that it is a treatment that ‘shows’ if you take it and in my case I did not like that (I want it all and it cannot be). My experiences have almost always been hand in hand with Doctor Purification Espallargasalthough I have also tried Mira+Cueto and the doctor Leo Cerrud. In all cases the result has been very good.

Almost nothing hurts absolutely bearable little pricks and the results, although they assure that from six to eight months, It doesn’t last me more than four (just). The price? It varies from one site to another and the amount of product, but I would say that the average price is usually 250/300 euros.

Aesthetic medical touch-ups

Vitamins + hyaluronic acid

for me this is the star treatment if you don’t want big changes, just see your skin well. It is a cocktail of different vitamins with non-crosslinked or low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (so that we understand each other, of the one that does not fill, which only hydrates). It is applied with a gun (many quick and continuous punctures) or with infiltrations with a traditional needle. Is slightly painful but bearable. It is applied on the face and neckline.

The results? Skin nourished, juicy, light, hydrated…It is a treatment that you can carry out as ‘maintenance’ three or four times a year. The price varies depending on the ‘ingredients’ that the cocktail contains, but you can find it from 100 euros.

And up to here the aesthetic confessions for today. We promise to be counting the news with sincerity whenever we have tried them. Regardless of how a treatment goes for me and whatever my experience is, it is essential that there is a medical recommendation and that you go to professional centers with experts in the field.

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