The two Japanese-inspired bows that Chanel Terrero presents as the coolest fall-winter hairstyle

The trends in terms of hairstyles for this fall are very diverse, from the ‘shag’ cut with all its layers to the more defined ‘bob’. However, although we love this type of looks many times we do not take into account the rainso common this season and that ends up spoiling everything.

Whether you have short or long hair, when we see the leaden sky and want to sparkle, we know that that day is going to be a ‘bad hair day’. With humidity there is no hairstyle that resists frizz and in the end we ended up wearing a ponytail or a braid so that in the end our look is not so disastrous.

Fortunately, lately polished updos They have become very fashionable (thanks Bella Hadid) and we have a wide variety of ideal hairstyles to inspire us for brave the rain in style without a single hair moving from its place.

Vanessa Hudgens

A good example for these occasions has been led by Chanel Terrero at the dinner for the nominees for the 40 Principales awards, where she surprised us with a perfectly Japanese-inspired polish.

Chanel Terrero with the perfect hairstyle for rainy days
Chanel Terrero with the perfect hairstyle for rainy days

The singer attended the event with a corseted purple dress and musketeer-type patent leather boots, but the great protagonist of her look was her hairstyle. Chanel won us over with two little bows from which a kind of spikes come out made with her own hair, very inspired by the 90s (a la Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls).

This hairstyle is perfect for these autumn days where the wind and rain do not let up, since It will neither move from its place nor will it curl. In addition, it is in full trend, what more can we ask for?

Learn how to make Chanel’s 90s bows

Although it seems difficult, this hairstyle it does not have much complication and doing it will only take us a couple of minutes. We only need a comb, a carding brush, gel and hair gel.

First, with the help of the comb, we untangle all the hair and mark a partition in the center, polishing our hair very well so that it stays perfectly combed and somewhat taut. Then, with a small rubber, we make two pigtails on the top of the head and we are turning them on themselves until they can be accommodated like a bow, leaving the ends out. We secure it in place with some bobby pins and divide the protruding ends into three strands. To finish, they we put a little gel so that they stay in place and with the desired shape.

Chanel's nineties bows
Chanel’s nineties bows

As we can see, it hardly requires any effort and can get us out of trouble on any occasion. This look has many variations, like just a bow in the back with the ends out, with knots held by hairpins and even with a high braid. We just have to choose the one that best suits us to have the perfect hairstyle.

How to get waterproof hair

If wearing your hair up is not your thing, don’t worry, because there are also options to take the hair to the wind without frizzing due to humidity: it is a spray that has gone viral on TikTok that manages to make hair waterproof.

So, as you read it, this product is called dream coat and is one of the ‘best sellers’ of the Color Wow firm. It contains a polymer that distributes perfectly on damp hair, and when heat is applied (the product requires the use of a dryer) the polymer components create a network on the hair surface that forms a perfect anti-humidity barrier.

“It’s a anti-frizz treatment that makes hair waterproof“, explains Chris Appleton, known for styling stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa. “It stops frizz, even in very humid environments, and leaves hair super shiny, with a glass-like texture. The best part is that it’s light as water,” explains Appleton, the brand’s Global Creative Creator.

We can already find this spray in Spain and contrary to what we might think, we don’t have to sell a kidney to get hold of it, so it is presented as the essential product for rainy days. RRP: €19.99.

Anti-frizz spray 'Dream coat' by Color Wow
Anti-frizz spray ‘Dream coat’ by Color Wow

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