The trending haircuts for this spring that succeed among the famous

Hair trends change rapidly. The red carpets, the catwalks, the ‘street style’ and, above all, the social networks are sources of inspiration for those looking for a change of look for this spring. It seems that This 2023 is the year of radical changes and many ‘celebrities’ have been encouraged to go to the hairdresser to change their style and look for the cut that best suits them.

And it is that good weather encourages all of us to renew our look, be it with a new color, shorter hair or bangs that give our hair personality. Since the riskier cuts until safer bets, any small change can give us a plus of confidence and energy to give everything in this new season of the year. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at these 10 celebrity looks that are going to become a trend for spring/summer 2023.

Zendaya’s short wave bob

The year began with changes in look like Zendaya's, who abandoned her long, curly hair and opted for an Italian bob full of movement and style.  With his hair parted on one side and volume from the roots, what most attracts attention are the soft 'old Hollywood' style waves with which he has dazzled us on the latest red carpets.
Zendaya in a photocall
Instagram / @zendaya

zendaya She was one of the first to abandon her long, curly hair to bet on the cut of the moment: a Italian ‘bob’ loaded with movement and style. With her hair parted on one side and volume from the roots, what most attracts attention are the soft ‘old Hollywood’ style waves with which she has dazzled us on the latest red carpets. If you are looking for a change of look with volume and personalityDon’t rule out getting inspired by the actress’s new look.

Julia Roberts and her bangs with wavy hair

Julia Roberts and her new haircut
Julia Roberts and her new haircut

Julia Roberts, whose usual style consisted of a one-length hairstyle, has inspired us with a spectacular transformation: a long straight bangs combined with long layers styled with tousled waves. Additionally, the actress has touched up her hair color, revealing a vibrant reddish-brown tint. A change of look of the most spring.

Hailey Bieber’s bob cut

After abandoning the blonde, Hailey this year has said goodbye to her medium length.  He now sports a mini bob above the clavicle, parted in the middle and naturally straight.  This mini bob, with a straight cut and no layers, is ideal for girls with fine hair who want to give their hair a fresh touch.
Hailey Bieber’s mini bob
Instagram / @haileybieber

If you have fine hair and want to give your mane a fresh touch, the mini bob that Hailey has released, with straight cut, above the clavicle and without layers, it is ideal for you. The model usually styles her short hair with very subtle waves and a central parting. The best thing about this type of length is that it is very quick to wave, achieving a smooth wave quickly with a flick of the wrist.

Chiara Ferragni in a dress from her brand in Paris

Sydney Sweeney’s butterfly cut

Sydney Sweeney at the Berlinale festival in February 2023
Sydney Sweeney at the Berlinale festival in February 2023
D. Charriau (iStock)

It’s probably the haircut most fashionable of 2023. This style is a layered cut, with layers that swivel towards the face for a contouring effect. In addition, it includes very open, very large and very thick bangs. Sydney Sweeney’s style has girls crazy on TikTok and is also ideal for girls with little hair or very fine hair. This is because it provides volume, density and effortless movement.

The ‘shaggy’ over the shoulder of Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega at the Golden Globes, 2023
Jenna Ortega at the Golden Globes, 2023
Getty Images

If you feel like joining the club of girls with short hair but you want to maintain a fresh, voluminous and current style, a cut ‘shaggy’ like Jenna Ortega’s is your solution. It is a very versatile style that is characterized mainly by being a cut to well defined layers that in addition to giving more movement to the hair, define and mark the features of the face.

Selena Gomez’s natural curl

Selena Gomez with her natural curly hair
Selena Gomez with her natural curly hair
Instagram / @selenagomez

Although the actress no longer wears this hairstyle, she definitely misses it. In February of this year, Selena posted on Instagram a photo of when she wore her hair darker. long, curly and wild and asked her fans what they thought about going back to that look. Our answer is a resounding yes. The singer wore a very subtle layered cutwhich enhanced her natural curl and which she often styled with a parting on the side.

Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘mixie’ attribute

Emily Ratajkowski for Pop Magazine
Emily Ratajkowski for Pop Magazine
Instagram / @gouutcz

If you’re in the mood for a radical change, sign up for Emily Ratajkowski’s new cut. The model has decided to give a 180º turn to her hair with a cut mixieor what is the same, a classic cut pixies but with longer locks in the rear, how well it reminds of the breaker mullet. This hybrid enhances the features of the face, gives a more casual and casual touch.

Zara's white jean

Chiara Ferragni’s long bob

At the beginning of February and on the occasion of the San Remo festival, the Italian 'influencer' showed her new bob carré with which she follows the path of Hailey Bieber and many others who have joined short hair this year.  Although her long blonde hair has long been one of her hallmarks, Chiara has now triumphed with her short hair.
Chiara Ferragni in Sanremo
Instagram / @chiaraferragni

Earlier this year, the Italian influencer abandoned her characteristic long blonde hair to join the trendiest cut of the summer: the ‘bob’. Of course, she did it in one longer version than others like Zendaya or Hailey Bieber wear, with a medium length at shoulder height which usually wears slightly wavy. It is the ideal cut if you want a change that does not risk too much.

Kendall Jenner’s long bangs

Kendall Jenner at the Vanity Fair party
Kendall Jenner at the Vanity Fair party
Robert Smith (Getty Images)

Cut fringe it’s a discreet change that doesn’t change your style but allows you to play with the features of your face to get the most out of them. The example of Kendall Jenner is ideal for those who want to try without going too far, since she uses very few strands of hair and is cut in a parade way that can be adapted to each person’s face.

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