The trending haircuts for 2023

One of the things that we like the most about the changes of the year are the makeovers that come with it. Every January 1 (or 2, if you had a headache the day before without wanting to get out of bed) we find ourselves inspired for a new stage full of transformations in which we seek to be an improved version of ourselves.

One of the first things we think about is changing our image, be it the way we we comb, in its color or in the cut. Although the last two are usually the most radical, they are also the ones we use the most.

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If you also want to start 2023 with a renewed style, check out the trends in haircuts that they are going to succeed next year and find the one that you like and favor the most.

1. ‘French bob’

The ‘french bob’ or French bob is a classic that never goes out of style. It’s about a cut at cheekbone or chin height on the front and fits to the neck at the back, giving the look a lot of dynamism. It is especially flattering for women with soft features and a long neck and suits all face types, whether oval, round, long or square.

2. ‘Clavicut’

Whether you have curly, straight or wavy hair, the ‘clavicut’ is your perfect cut. This look is characterized by being a straight cut that reaches the clavicle and stands out for its versatility and elegance. On the other hand, it is also the perfect canvas to experiment with our hair, since we can try different hairstyles with it, colors or highlights.

3. Long layers with volume and curtain bangs

The influence of the nineties continues the reign of the most voluminous long layers, always combed with a dryer. However, it is a difficult cut to maintain, so we would have to go to the hairdresser every 3 months to refresh it. It is usually accompanied by curtain bangs, providing even more movement. It is ideal for everyone, so don’t be afraid of the trendy hairstyle.

4. Butterfly cut

Similar to the previous one, this cut also brings a lot of movement to the look, with the difference that it requires less attention and is perfect for a look much more ‘effortless’. Thanks to the strategic cutting of the layers, it allows it to completely air dry and still look beautiful. It is especially flattering for round faces.

5. Cut ‘shag’ with bangs

Among the most daring trends, there is undoubtedly the ‘shag’. It’s about a midi cut with very staggered layers that give freedom, movement and volume to the hair, leaving a rather radical look. It is quite tempting for girls with curly hair, which will give them a casual and alternative touch. It is also perfect for those who want to try straight bangs, since the asymmetries of the cut combine perfectly with the right angles at the top. It favors both oval and long faces.

6. Bottleneck bangs

Another retro trend that is coming back is the ‘bottleneck’ bangs. Named after stylist Tom Smith for the way it frames the face, it consists of shorter locks in the center of the face and longer and more open in the cheek area. It is usually paraded and combines the ‘baby bang’ with curtain bangs. It is very flattering for all types of factions, since it refines the face and enhances the cheekbones.

7. Medium straight hair

This simple and timeless cut will become a trend again this 2023. Although the fashion in haircuts for next year is anything but simple, straight hair sneaks in among them for those who they love ultra-smooth looks and not complicate life. It stands out for its geometry without sharp ends or layers to achieve a clean and elegant style. It suits square and oval faces well.

8. Side Parted Pixie

The ‘pixie’ is another of the hairstyles that is always in fashion in different versions. Next year we will see some variations, from the classic to the ‘mixie’, a little longer than usual. Among all, the ‘pixie’ with the line to one side stands out, highlighting the longer layers in the upper area to be able to comb it.

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