The simple ‘eyeliner’ by Aura Garrido at the Malaga Festival that will make you a success at any party

On all the red carpets we look at the looks of the stars who parade through it or, at most, at their hairstyles, since they tend to risk much more with them. Most opt for simple makeup and flattering, so when one of them takes risks with different colors and shapes, it is worth mentioning.

The beauty trends for this year they focus on the eyes, so they will be the protagonists of many looks, both ours and those of our favorite artists, as is the case with Aura Garridowho has decided to risk a bit and has left us speechless.

The actress has appeared today at the Malaga film festival, where she has paraded down the red carpet of the gala with a dark slip dress quite simple, but very flattering and appropriate for the occasion.

A model with natural makeup at Paris Fashion Week.

As it was a fairly simple look, it has allowed her to play more with makeup so that it stands out and does not clash with each other, betting on a maxi ‘eyeliner’ in a bluish tone It made the color of her green eyes stand out.

Aura Garrido at the Malaga Film Festival 2023
Aura Garrido at the Malaga Film Festival 2023

Although at first it may seem complicated, the truth is that it is quite simple and we can do it ourselves without any problem. We just need a creamy eye pencil in the color that we like the most and a shadow of the same tone.

Luckily you don’t have to be very precise, since with the pencil we draw the tail of the eyeliner and fill the mobile eyelid with it. So that it stays put and doesn’t move all day (or night), I set with an eye shadow of the same colour.

With this technique, the actress has achieved slanted eyes and seductive with which he has diverted our attention to his face and, specifically, to his beautiful green eyes.

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