The simple and most flattering makeup in the world of the actress Begoña Vargas that you can copy even if you have no idea

When it comes time to get ready for a special date, a dinner, an event or even for these holidays that are about to fall, we always think of the perfect dress (which if it also allows us to save something, the better) with which to be one of the best dressed wherever we go. But our efforts do not stop there and one of the most difficult parts arrives, the ‘beauty’ look.

The hairstyle is usually one of the things that usually brings us the most headaches, but thanks to the natural tendency and collected like pigtails or bows, we have more or less solved that issue, but as for makeup… This is another story.

Finding inspiration to get a makeup that is sweeping, that matches our clothes and that enhances our beauty is usually quite complicated, especially if we are not experts with the brush or do not have a wide collection worthy of a ‘makeup artist’. Luckily, nowadays we have internet access and we can quickly see the looks that our favorite artists and ‘influencers’ come to dazzle at any event and, despite what it may seem, many times they are pretty simple makeup.

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Begoña Vargas is the best example of this. Yesterday the actress posed on the red carpet in a spectacular sheet dress that almost made us overlook her makeup and it’s a good thing we didn’t. The artist wore the look ‘beauty’ with which we will always go perfect on any occasion, and best of all? It’s very easy to do.

The actress Begoña Vargas has found the most versatile makeup we have seen
The actress Begoña Vargas has found the most versatile makeup we have seen

Vargas wore a 90s-inspired makeup look, one of the great trends of the season, but without taking it to the extreme. The actress opted for fashionable and subtle techniques that enhance their natural beauty and maximized their eyes.

As soon as we see it, we have realized the potential it has for any occasion, so we have contacted e Gisela Bosque, ‘National Makeup Artist’ of Sephorato tell us the keys to this versatile look.

“This 90s look arrives renewed and adapted to 2022. Starting with the foundation, which instead of having a powder texture with a matte finish, adopts a lighter and creamier look. the cscent in a peachy tone, clearly visible, on the apples of the cheeks”, the expert tells us.

The ‘beauty’ look of Begoña Vargas step by step

The protagonist of this makeup are the eyes, so we are going to enhance them and enhance their color by following the steps indicated by Bosque: “From this 90s revival, the use ofl white eye pencil, great protagonist of the decade. In this case, it has been used only on the lower line of the eyelashes and as a continuation of the black ‘eyeliner’, which outlines the upper area of ​​the eye.”

This pencil is one of the great resources that we can use to enlarge the look and give it a lot of light. It is ideal for the days in which we have not rested well or slept the hours we should, since it awakens the area instantly “especially if it is applied in a V-shape on the tear ducts”, as the makeup artist suggests.

“The eyeshadow stays monochromein a peach tone, and the eyelashes are loaded with mascara”, she adds to finish her eye makeup.

On the other hand, although they are not the main element, the lips take on a certain importance in this look, and that is how we should put on our makeup, according to Bosque: “Another of the makeup icons of the time was the brown eyeliner. The actress highlights her use by wearing the most natural lipstick tone. It is an ideal resource to add volume to the lips. You just have to follow the natural curvature of these on the outside, in order to gain a millimeter of contour.”

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