The secret so that cosmetics do not lose effectiveness

The cosmetics have become essential in our daily routine and an essential part of our skin and beauty care. From the 10 steps of the Korean routine to the only 3 products that only Scandinavian women use, we each have our ‘must have’ active ingredients that we use day and night.

We have a lot of information about what kind of ingredients are beneficial for our skin and when to use them, but in a matter of storage and how to apply them correctly, we don’t have that much data at our fingertips.

It does not matter the price or the quality of the product, if we do not handle them correctly, may lose their effectiveness and not act as we want on our skin, making us think that this cream or serum is useless.

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If you want your cosmetics to last longer in perfect condition without losing an iota of its effectiveness, check out these tricks to be an expert in using your creams for radiant skin.

Where to store cosmetics

Although many of us keep cosmetics in the bathroom, this is actually one of the worst places to store themsince humidity and heat can alter the active principles inside and make them lose their effectiveness.

It is best to store them in another place than the house dark and dry such as the nightstand and, if possible, in its original box, since in many cases light can also modify its effectiveness, as is the case with vitamin C or retinol.

A good trick is keep them in the fridge. Although we usually do this in summer so that the sensation when applying them is more pleasant, the truth is that storing them cold helps them to keep much longer without altering their properties. A mini fridge, like the one in You Are The Princess, can be a solution. RRP: €59.95.

You Are The Princess mini fridge to store cosmetics
You Are The Princess mini fridge to store cosmetics

Date of Expiry

Like food, cosmetics They have an expiration date. However, the most important thing is to look at how long we can use them after opening them so that they retain all their properties.

This number is called PAO (acronym for ‘Period After Opening’) and is essential to know the useful life of that product once we open it. It is usually reflected with a number followed by the letter M inside an open jar and indicates the months in which it takes for the product to lose effectiveness.

do not dilute it

Sometimes, when we don’t want the sunscreen to be too sticky or chalky, we mix it with the moisturizer or even combine the latter with a liquid foundation to improvise a BB Cream. However, This is a big mistake.

Mixing these products can cause either the SPF to decrease and cause damage to our skin or both cosmetics have incompatible ingredients and lose their effectiveness. The best is apply one first and, when it has been absorbed, use the next one.

Transfer the product to another container

When transferring a cosmetic product, there are two risks: the first is that the manufacturer’s information guarantees are lost, such as the list of ingredients, the warnings, the instructions for use… The second, on the other hand, is that with this manipulation increases the risk of microbiological contamination by not having the hands or the container completely clean and sterile.

Pick up the cream from the jar with your fingers

If there is something that we should never do, it is to contaminate the product. Thousands of times they have explained to us that, when applying a serum, let’s never support the applicator on our face, but very rarely have we heard that we do not put our fingers in the jar to get the cream.

In our hands (and especially in our nails) we have a large number of microorganisms and bacteria that can destabilize the formula of the cream and make it less effective. To avoid this, we can use a spatula that we have very clean to remove the product from its container without any problem.

What to do to use and store cosmetics properly

Once we know what not to do, it’s time to learn the best tips so that cosmetics are effective and last longer, so that the health and beauty of our skin is unalterable.

  1. Respect the expiration date of each product and do not exceed it.
  2. Do not expose them to sunlight.
  3. Wash your hands before each use.
  4. Do not mix different products or add any additional substance unless indicated by the manufacturer.
  5. Throw away products that show changes in color, smell or consistency.

Charlize Theron has always been praised for her beauty

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