The secret of the face cream of 11 euros that already has all TikTok (including Hailey Bieber!)

TikTok has become an inexhaustible source of information beauty and we are not sorry to admit that some of the cosmetics that have become essential in our toiletry bag have done so after going viral on that social network. If you have L’Oréal’s Infallible makeup or the roll on of volcanic stone that eliminates shine, it is likely that you would want to buy it after seeing it in a multitude of publications. Not only is it the panacea for discovering new products, but we also turn to it to discover tricks to get the most out of them or application advice. Or, why not, for verify the results beyond those promised by the ads advertising.

Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week

In fact, we have taken as a reference those already known as skinfluencers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge about the beauty or skin care sector. So we trust his testimony. But if there is someone whose beauty secrets we want to know, these are the celebritiesthat we are accustomed to an apparently juicy and cared for skin in its feed and an infallible and perfect makeup at any event. And we want to achieve the same results! The cream Skin Food by Weledais one of those who is going viral on social media, partly because celebrities like Hailey Bieber have shared a video of their daily routine in which they include it as an essential cosmetic. And she is not the only one who has been fascinated by this moisturizing proposal that can also be used as a highlighter in the makeup.

This well-kept secret by professional makeup artists such as Adrián Rux has come to light after the viral video of the model and this brightening moisturizer has made the leap from the catwalk to the toiletry bag of any beauty addict. On the brand’s own website they say that “it is the favorite product of many celebrities and artists like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Adele, Demi Moore, Julia RobertsHelena Christensen and Alexa Chung, among others”, so Hailey Bieber would not be the only one to have it as her ally. In addition to moisturizing and illuminating, it has many more benefits that, according to Weleda, have earned it the name “miracle cream“.

It is one of the most complete cosmetic proposals on the market.
It is one of the most complete cosmetic proposals on the market.

The secret to the success of this moisturizer low cost It is none other than the ingredients that they have chosen for their formulation. The main one? Wild pansy extract, a flower with properties capable of creating a moisturizing and protective barrier on the skin, regardless of your skin type; and calendula, rich in carotenoids, flavonoids and saponins that have softening properties and support regeneration. It is, in fact, the combination of both that achieves brighten the face and revitalize tired skin; although, according to its manufacturers, it also “nourishes nails and cuticles, repairs chapped lips, works as an ally against hard skin and chafing, such as aftersun or to recover any dry area of ​​the skin”.

The 10 uses of Skin Food from Weleda

You may have heard about the benefits of this moisturizing cream that is as useful for the face as it is for the rest of the body, but you may not know the 10 uses that can be given to it and that its manufacturers boast of. It is not for less: for less than 11 euro (if you choose the large format of 75 milliliters) you have within your reach a cosmetic capable of caring for, nourishing, hydrating or repairing the skin from head to toe. Do you want to know what are the 10 reasons to start using it? To begin with, it is a cream that nourishes our dermis, soothes it when there are irritations, revitalizes it and illuminates it.

Also, it can be used as lipstick to restore the texture and juiciness that we often lose due to lack of hydration, excessive sun exposure or lack of exclusive care. Similarly, it is a good accessory for manicure, repairs small cuts and scratchessoothes the skin of the body after waxing, protects the area where we have a tattoo so that it does not dry out or lose color and acts as aftersun… but also as a tan enhancer!

It is not necessary to sunbathe a lot to show off a natural and beautiful tan.

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