The secret of Penélope Cruz’s youth at the Goya 2023 is in her makeup

The natural makeup of Penélope Cruz on the blue carpet at the 37th edition of the Goya Awards has made us take out a pen and paper to take notes on how to rejuvenate up to 10 years with a single product that we all have in the dresser.

Penélope Cruz is the same to the Goyas and her blue carpet as pearls are to Chanel. One cannot be conceived without the other. Her appearance is always one of the most anticipated of the night and it is that her presence in front of the cameras never disappoints.

The actress from Madrid attended the ceremony of the 37th edition of these awards with a Goyaesque-inspired outfit, in black, signed by the Italians Dolce and Gabbana. The surprise, huge when seeing that she was not dressed by Chanel as on past occasions, has been a success that enhances her silhouette with the corset-type strapless body and mega-voluminous asymmetrical skirt with hundreds of layers of pleated ruffles.

Penelope Cruz in a Goyaesque dress by Dolce&Gabanna
Penelope Cruz in a Goyaesque dress by Dolce&Gabanna
Juan Naharro

This was the rejuvenating makeup of Penélope Cruz at the Goya 2023

Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Pe looked jovial with makeup that we all want to recreate to see ourselves up to ten years younger. His best kept secret? The innocent freckles that dot the nose area and cheekbones.

Penelope Cruz's makeup at the Goya 2023
Penelope Cruz’s makeup at the Goya 2023
Juan Naharro

the fashion of make up fake freckles it is something that Generation Z has imposed through social networks. Hundreds of tutorials on how to get them naturally flood YouTube, TikTok and Instagram and it is that they have the ability to subtract age due to their childish nature and naif.

In the case of Cruz, she already naturally shows off some freckles that dot the area around her nose and cheeks, so she only had to use a brown eyeliner, with a cold undertone, to subtly re-mark these by on top of foundation and blush.

A funny anecdote about her ‘beauty look’? His daughter Luna applied the blush, and perhaps this is the best kept trick to round off a rejuvenating and natural make-up in which the skin has taken all the attention. Something surprising since if Pe is popular for something, it is for her impressive smoky eyes that, on this occasion, have been subtly outlined and blurred in favor of that fresh effect of the rest of the makeup.

Sara Sálamo with her most natural look at the Goya 2023

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