The new viral makeup is with stickers: this is confirmed by TikTok

we have taught you simple and complex makeupfor eyes, skin and lips, and many of them, it must be admitted, have left TikToka video app where the most original trends go viral in a matter of days.

The latest trend in the ‘make up’ world that we have seen in this application is to create a makeup look by putting ‘tattoos’ temporary in the face. Yes, what you hear. At first it may seem strange or even dangerous, but the truth is that the result is very striking and does not imply any risk.

The American tiktoker @_.melodius_ she was the first to use these tattoos as a makeup product. She has placed them on the outer tear duct of her eyes, creating a kind of ‘eyeliner’ with decals. The tiktoker complements her looks with colored shadows that create original and very fun eye makeup. Some of the videos of her showing off her looks have already reached over 7 million views.

This ‘trend’ has reached Tiktok Spain and has already conquered many makeup lovers, who have wanted to try this method on their own skin. The butterflies have become the most common drawing in these videos, although the flowers or stars They also have their little hole in this trend.

The Graphic eyeliners and illustrated eye makeup they had already become part of the routines of many ‘make up’ lovers. With this new trend, anyone can wear a design with original and detailed figures. no need to have gifts for drawing not a surgeon’s pulse.

where to get them

If you want to join this new trend, all you have to do is get yourself a decal kit and be a bit savvy. But beware! You must pay attention to what do not carry any product that could damage your skin or your eyes.

If you want to be sure, you can get a kit of mini tattoos suitable for your skin, such as those sold by the Innia Beauty brand. They are printed with vegetable inks, so you won’t have any problems.

Temporary tattoos (€3.00)
Temporary tattoos (€3.00)
innia beauty

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