The most trending haircuts for a change of look this fall

With the new season, many of us want a change. AND, What better than a haircut to start the fall? A new look can give us the adrenaline rush we need to better face the arrival of low temperatures. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to cleanse the hair and recover the capillary health lost due to beaches, sun and swimming pools.

For those who are looking for a change of look but do not know where to go, an infinite world of possibilities opens up. If you are looking for a bit of inspirationwe have made, together with the stylists of the Blondie Madrid hairdressing salon, a compilation of the three more trending haircuts it’s from the season.

The 90’s shag cut

Cut with a lot of volume, layers
Cut with a lot of volume, layers
Spot light

The ‘shaggy’ cut is, without a doubt, one of the most demanded of the season, according to the stylists, a style that we saw very often last year. It is a cut inspired by the 90’s who bets on the layers, long hair with a lot of movement and volume.

Both in straight, wavy or curly hair, layered cuts have been worn for decades, so it is the perfect option if you want to wear a 90s-style look. “Although straight and symmetrical cuts are still more than present, this one is ideal for reinvent itself and bring movement”comment the stylists of Blondie Madrid.

The flattering ‘bob cut’

'Bob cut', haircut above the shoulder
‘Bob cut’, haircut above the shoulder
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Another of the trends that cannot be missing and continues to be strong is the ‘bob cut’. The cut above the shoulder, at ear or chin height, flatters most faces, refines the features and creates a sensation of volume. Plus, it’s perfect for heal ends and restore hair health after the summer months.

The stylists at the Blondie Madrid hairdressing salon say that “softens and creates a beautiful game of contrasts for longer faces or more marked features”. Although we are used to seeing it on straight hair, those with wavy or curly hair can also opt for this most practical and flattering cut, which has even fallen in love with ‘celebrities’ like Scarlett Johansson, who bets on an Italian version.

Medium length, ‘clavicut’

Medium length, at the height of the clavicle
Medium length, at the height of the clavicle
Spot light

For those who do not want to get rid of their long hair completely, but are looking for a change of look, this cut is perfect. Neither too short nor too long, this medium-length hairstyleat the level of the clavicleIt is becoming more and more fashionable. We not only see it in the ‘street style’; influencers like Martha Lozano They have begun to join this trend, leaving behind their XXL long hair. Is comfortable, easy to comb and cleanses our hair, in addition to giving us a very classic touch. Can wear it very smooth or make some waves so that it flows with more movement.

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