The Mercadona Sisbela serum that regenerates and rejuvenates the skin and costs only 5 euros

Serums are an increasingly common product in our morning and night routines. Its application in the order of daily products places it after cleansing and before moisturizing. These sera usually have a high concentration of assets in its formula and, in addition, its liquid texture allows it to penetrate deeper into the skinincreasing the effectiveness of its properties.

Although he began by knowing himself as a anti-aging product; now we know that this format can be used to meet many more objectives. To hydrate, as an anti-stain, for acne-prone skin… Everything will depend on the assets that make up your list of ingredients.

Among all the offer of this product, one stands out that attracts attention for its good value for money. Its about Sisbela enhancing facial serumavailable at Mercadona and suitable for all skin types.

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The ingredients of the new Mercadona serum

The formulation of this Sisbela serum explains its success. Its main ingredient, present 12% is organic silicon, an element that stimulates cell regeneration and the formation of collagen and elastin fibers. In addition, it makes the cells more resistant to the attack of free radicals and, therefore, to aging.

In its list of ingredients we can also find elastin hydrolyzate, a compound that enhances the elasticity and nutrition of the skin. The Asiatic spark is another of its elements, a plant with regenerative capacity that stimulates fibroblasts and increases collagen production, helping to repair the skin and recover its firmness and elasticity. In addition, it has antioxidant properties by reducing the harmful effects of pollution.

Sisbela serum, available at Mercadona
Sisbela serum, available at Mercadona

Where to buy it and how to use it

This serum with 12% Organic Silicon is the latest release from sisbelathe Spanish cosmetic brand sold exclusively in Mercadona. The product is available in this supermarket chain, in a 30 ml bottle, for €5.00 unit.

If you want to include a firming serum like this in your skincare routine, there are a few steps to keep in mind. On clean and dry skin, we apply 6 drops of product, for the morning and night. Once applied, we massage until completely absorbed. You have to know that this serum should be applied before face cream moisturizing.

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