The Mercadona product that leaves your skin as soft as after going through a cabin treatment for less than 5 euros

The cold, the dry environments due to heating, the hygienic masks on public transport and the stressful lifestyle we lead they end up taking their toll on our skin. There comes a time when the dermis is at a point of no return and it seems that no cosmetic is going to get it ready for this Christmas.

Right now we are thinking of a cabin treatment that will eliminate all our problems. This type of aesthetic appointment ends up becoming one of our favorites, since we feel cared for, pampered, relaxed and, best of all, with perfect skin. However, we don’t always have time and the visit to our beauty center is postponed until there is not a single empty space left.

At this time we are looking for a product that is just as effective as the treatment we had in mind, but we came up against the reality that they are not available to everyone, because they are reserved only for beauticians. But don’t panic, because we have finally found that product with professional results and for less than €5.

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if what you need is remove root impurities and leave your face so soft, Mercadona has a facial mask suitable for all skin types and one of the most popular trends in cosmetics.

Cleansing mask 'Bubble Oxygen Mask' by Rofersam.
Cleansing mask ‘Bubble Oxygen Mask’ by Rofersam.

The cleansing mask Bubble Oxygen Mask by Rofersam It has made great ‘influencers’ like Rocío Camacho fall in love and has ended up flooding the networks. Ella’s innovative formula contains oxygen, hyaluronic acid, ‘Dragon’s Blood’ extract and perlitewhich makes us have clean, healthy and balanced skin, free of acne and impurities.

It is an exfoliating product with granules and bubbles that clean in depth while relaxing us when we notice its effervescence on the skin. Using it is quite simple, we just have to apply it on the face and leave it perform for 10 minutes. When the time has passed, we remove it with water and pat it dry with a towel.

Its price is 4.50 euro and it is one of Mercadona’s ‘best sellers’, so we will have to pay attention to its replacement to get one, since they are almost always sold out.

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