The Mercadona cologne that costs €3.25 and smells like a high-end perfume

Smelling good is not incompatible with saving. It is something that we already knew, but that, with the general price increases in recent months, we are clearer than ever. We are many who seek economic colonies with which to find our personal aroma without leaving our salary in the attempt. For this, some supermarkets They have interesting options that should not be overlooked.

An example of this is Mercadona, which has a line of white label beauty which is increasingly demanded by customers, as it combines its price with good quality. Among its flagship products are the colonieswith very striking aromas that allow us to smell good for a very affordable price.

Among their assortment of colognes there is one that has been attracting attention for years and that recently had a complete facelift. It is the range of monogotas colony, Of the brand Deliplus, available in three different fragrances: vanilla, coconut and apple. After the last renewal a few months ago, which brings a new presentation and format, the fragrance of apple of this range has become one of the best sellers from the supermarket.

Apple monodrop colony
Apple monodrop colony

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This perfume has a note fruity floralwith a clear role of the Red Apple. It also combines other floral notes such as magnolia and rose, which remain in the background, but give it a touch of sweetness. For years, social networks have been comparing this Mercadona neighborhood with the perfume DKNY Be Deliciousa perfume with fruity aromas such as green apple and floral touches such as tuberose, violet and rose.

However, while the DKNY perfume is priced at around 50 euros, the cologne has a label much cheaper, cataloging itself as one of the cheapest options in Mercadona. The 100 ml bottle of Monogotas cologne costs €3.25like the rest of the aromas in the same collection (with scents of coconut and vanilla).

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