The Margot Robbie hairstyle that we all had when we were little and that only takes 3 seconds to do

The other day, Margot Robbie surprised us with an olive green cut-out dress by Bottega Veneta, terminating the contract with Chanel in which the actress was the image of the brand (like Penelope Cruz). After several years wearing only looks from the ‘maison’ Robbie released himself with a completely different style from what he has always worn.

However, it seems that in reality it was all an affair, because the new Barbie has once again carried her trusted signature. At a BAFTAs event held in her honour, the actress appeared in an all-black Chanel suit of tweed jacket and matching trousers from the house’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

While her fans were thrilled after seeing her in what we thought was her new era of style, the brand continues to feature on its website a Margot Robbie as Ambassadorso we will have Chanel looks for a while.

During this party, in addition to the costume, we also pay attention to the actress’s hairstyle, identical to the ones we carry in our childhood and that marked the autumn-winter 20/21 season of the ‘maison’.

Margot appeared on the red carpet in a slightly tousled half updo, holding her blonde hair up with a black tie that gives it that romantic and youthful look that we like so much.

As soon as we saw it, we could appreciate the great potential it can have for these holidays, giving an elegant and trendy touch to any look we wear at Christmas. Recreating it is tremendously simple, we just have to comb the top layer of our hair back and pick it up at the crown with this accessory. Ready in 3 seconds.

Luckily, we have found a very similar one for less than 3 euros that will make our lives much easier, since instead of being a scrunchie or a ribbon that we tie to our hair, it is a barrette. It is the pin with You’re The Princess XL satin bowwith which we will have the perfect way to give a personal and sophisticated touch to any look.

You Are The Princess XL Satin Bow Barrette
You Are The Princess XL Satin Bow Barrette

It measures 33 centimeters long and costs only 2.99 euro. In addition, it is available in two other colors: yellow and pink so that we always have one that matches all our looks. We can find it both in Primor and on the You Are The Princess website.


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