The makeup bases that make you not need filters on Instagram

Social networks have completely changed our way of perceiving beauty. The Instagram and TikTok beautifying filters are here to stay and many times we wish they also existed in real life. Makeup can be a great tool to achieve this, as long as we use the right products.

In addition to concealers (an essential to achieve this effect), makeup bases are essential to unify the tone and sublimate our natural beauty, leaving a velvety finish and, if possible, light. Although a good skincare routine helps the most, these beauty products help the process.

However, not everything can be good and it is that not all are worth to achieve this finish on the skin. Makeup bases often manage to emphasize texture, leave pores too visible or can even be patchy, so we must know which ones to choose. If you want a face like you’re wearing an Instagram filter, tab our favorite bases to make it.

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The makeup bases with which it will appear that you are wearing a filter

Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation
Guerlain Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation

When we think of matte makeup bases, we are immediately scared in case it leaves us looking dull, but matte does not mean opaque. A good base of this type will keep the skin safe from shine and with a velvety texture, but it should never interfere with the luminosity.

Among them we find the base Parure Gold Skin Matte by Guerlain. Its formula, which includes 24-carat pure gold, is 85% based on rejuvenating care for sublimated skin, application after application. On the other hand, ‘transfer-free’ technology is at the heart of this formula, which offers an infallible 24-hour duration, a luminous matte result with a velvety touch. RRP: €85.99.

Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation
Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Foundation

If you are looking for a foundation that enhances your skin and makes it look like you are not wearing anything, this is it. Liquid Touch by Rare Beauty, which combines the lightweight feel of a serum with medium coverage for a true layered application. On the other hand, its fluid texture facilitates its application, making the coverage respond to our desires, evening out the skin tone and smoothing the appearance of the pores without clogging or a pasty feeling. RRP: €33.99.

Fenty Beauty 'Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation' Foundation
Fenty Beauty ‘Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation’ Foundation

With 50 different shades, the makeup base Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation by Fenty Beauty Gives the skin an instantly smooth finish, without shine and with blurred pores. Its formula can be easily adjusted to provide medium to full coverage, leaving the skin like a filter. This oil-free formula integrates technology that adapts to the environment and is resistant to sweat and humidity, and does not clog pores. RRP: €34.99.

KVD 'Good Apple' Foundation
KVD ‘Good Apple’ Foundation

Good Apple Balm Foundation of KVD it caused a tidal wave on TikTok and took the digital world by storm with its high and light coverage. A small amount is all you need for a natural finish and a fresh, flawless complexion. This perfecting foundation conceals everything from blemishes to skin discolorations to tattoos, plus it lasts all day. Its light formula makes you feel like you’re not wearing foundation, without a plaster effect or shine. RRP: €39.99.

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