The ‘good face’ effect product of less than 3 euros used by 30-year-old girls

The proverb says that rushing is not a good adviser, but the truth is that if you live in a big city you know that time is just what you don’t have left over, especially in the morning. That’s why finding products that simplify your facial routine is like winning the lottery. Well, the 30-year-old girls in a hurry have found a moisturizing and cooling stick that gives you hours of sleep (or at least, to your face).

Blackheads keep us from achieving an impeccable face.

Although it is clear that rest and good hydration and nutrition are keys, we must be realistic and assume that sleeping 8 hours a night is something that few comply with, that is why we need the product that 30-year-old girls on Tik Tok recommend to have a good face all day, because it is format on the go and we can carry it in the bag to apply over and over again.

How to get the ‘good face’ effect for less than 3 euros

The first time I saw this product was in my sister’s travel bag on a beach getaway, at almost 30 she is not obsessed with skincare but he does religiously dedicate five minutes a day to this routine. That’s why I knew if she took him on top of her, she’d have more than one good reason.

“It’s cool and the dark circle is juicy.” With this statement, she was already convinced to try it, but after seeing that it is for less than 3 euros in Douglass or Primor and that it accumulates hundreds of positive reviews, it was clear that she would sin with the ‘good face’ effect moisturizing stick.

The 'stick' effect good face of Essence
The ‘stick’ effect good face of Essence

It is an Essence eye contour. Formulated in stick with Niacinamide and Aloe Vera that refreshes the area under the eyes, leaving it plump and hydrated. The trick of the girls of 30? Store it in the fridge to enhance its flash effect and wake up your eyes every morning. During the lunch break, or before the after work from Thursday.

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