The eyeliner that always triumphs: how to get a perfect ‘cat-eye’ with a liquid ‘eyeliner’

The look of this autumn-winter has a grunge style in terms of makeup that is represented in the form of shading integrated into the smoke. The eye pencil and the mascara play a fundamental role in the final result of this proposal. But it is not the only trend that we will see this season. Although these mark what is worn, classic concepts never go out of style in any sector. Thus, for example, in fashion wear jeans and a white t shirt is always a hit. In the sector beauty, the washed face effect is one of the classics, although there is a make-up that never fails: the cat eye, an outline for which they have bet celebrities from different eras and which, without a doubt, continues to be one of our favourites.

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This effect has survived trends and the passage of time and, despite competing with colorful and imaginative proposals, the eyeliner that extends over the mobile eyelid is still very popular. The why? Its ability to favor the look and to give it expression It is one of the most sought after results in makeup. The actress Audrey Hepburn was one of the first to bet on the cat eye And not only for night events: the interpreter wore it on a day-to-day basis.

Although this eyeliner has been reinvented in new shapes and colors, the commitment to the color black continues to triumph. We’ve seen it on singer Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Adele and an endless list of celebritieswhich makes us confirm that it continues to be a trend. We can wear it with a fine line or, on the contrary, with an extreme effect and even attached to the end of the eyebrow. But what eyeliner do we need for the best result?

The best ‘eyeliner’ to get the outlined ‘cat-eye’

The precision should be what makes us opt for a model of eyeliner or another, since it depends on it that the application is perfect. The Flash Cat Eye, from L’Oreal Paris meets all our expectations: a liquid texture, with an intense black tone, waterproof and easy to apply so that it becomes your favorite for day to day. This cosmetic helps us achieve a perfect corner of the eye in just one pass. (and if not, you can always have a Q-tip handy to touch it up and remove any defects).

This cosmetic allows us to achieve a perfect eyeliner.
This cosmetic allows us to achieve a perfect eyeliner.

Once we have the eyelinerto get that feline look we just have to mark the line (better with an angular sponge) where we want the effect to go First of all, instead of doing it directly with the eyeliner. In this way, following the direction is easier.

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