The easy, elegant and glittery ponytail by Laura Matamoros is done in less than 3 minutes and is perfect for a Christmas look

Once we welcome the month of December, about to begin, we also start the Christmas season. During these last days of the year, the streets are filled with typical motifs of the time and, in terms of fashion and beauty, we are already looking for inspirational ideas for looks and hairstyles to celebrate all the good things that have happened to us during 2022 and toast to what will come in 2023.

Beyond choosing a good dress or betting on one of the makeup that will be a trend this holiday season, the reality is that choosing a good hairstyle can be key to succeeding with our look; And in case we had any kind of doubt, the ‘influencer’ Laura Matamoros you have finished confirming it.

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The daughter of Kiko Matamoros is one of the most inspiring young women for the new generations of our country. Aware of all the trends in fashion and beauty, Laura manages to wear ten outfits that manage to be affordableif we talk about clothes, and easy to do if we talk about hairstyles or makeup.

For her last public appearance, Laura Matamoros has especially surprised with her hairstyle. The young woman attended a Ghd event, where other content creators such as Anna Ferrer, Maria Garcia de Jaime, Maria Pombo either Sweetie; and although it is true that the level of hairstyles was very high, we have to confess that we are left with the ponytail of the daughter of Kiko Matamorosnot only for its originality but for being a proposal that we can make ourselves at home, and in 3 minutes, as detailed by the experts.


Laura Matamoros wore a very elegant and simple look, at the same time, starring a two-piece jacket and black pants and matching sandals. It is a style with which she always succeeds and which is ideal to wear with an original hairstyle, as she herself has demonstrated in this event.

The ‘influencer’ He has worn a low ponytail, made with a parting in the middle decorated with ‘strass’ and with polished hair on the sides. But how can we do this hairstyle? It is simpler than we could come to think. We spoke with edward sanchezcreative director of the Maison Eduardo Sánchez in Madrid (Claudio Coello, 57), who in addition to being the pioneer in introducing balayage to Spain in the mid-1990s, is the representative of the ‘French cut’ in the capital.

Laura Matamoros with polished ponytail with 'strass'
Laura Matamoros with polished ponytail with ‘strass’

How to make a low ponytail with ‘strass’ for Christmas?

To create a tight and polished ponytail like Laura Matamoros’s, we must follow these steps:

  • We wash the hair well and pre-dry it until the bulk of the moisture is removed. Then we will apply a little serum to add shine.
  • We part the hair. “Depending on the factions, you can do the parting in the middle or on the side, which suits round faces better,” explains Eduardo.
  • Everything is combed well back“polishing well the shorter hairs that are out of place… and of course fixing it with a medium hold spray/lacquer”, he adds.
  • If you are looking for a ‘wet’ effect (‘humid’), which is worn a lot, you can also apply a little gel well distributed from the roots and polish the hair well with a fine-toothed comb.
  • We finish the hairstyle. “When making the ponytail, we leave out a small lock to wrap it around the rubber band and in this way the hairstyle is better finished,” she points out.
  • We decorate the hairstyle. “The ‘strass’ strip attached to the parting is ideal as in the photo (they usually have a fixing strip at each end for easy application), although there are also other simpler options for the less daring, such as applying a rhinestone accessory party type rubber band or ‘scrunchie’ for the ponytail that they currently sell encrusted with glitter, ‘strass’, sequins or velvet in some Christmas color such as red or gold”, concludes the expert.

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