The 5 haircuts that will succeed the most in 2023

We start a new year and, with it, new goals, purposes and aspirations. and nothing like a makeover to start 2023 with the best of feet. A new haircut is one of the best ways to introduce the new you and get that motivation shot so necessary to feel safe and unstoppable and pursue your New Year’s resolutions.

But, before running to the hairdresser, it is a good idea to review what will be the hair trends that will succeed in the coming months and, thus, look for inspiration and some other image to indicate to your trusted hairdresser. The stylists from various hairdressers in the country They have summarized what the fashion cuts will be this year.

The 90s are back: layers and side parting

Khloe Kardashian with long, voluminous hair
Khloe Kardashian with long, voluminous hair
Instagram / @khloekardashian

The Llongueras hairdressing experts are clear about it. Fashion in terms of hair is going to undergo a slight change, but it will be noticeable in recent months. The line in the middlewhich has been the fashionable hairstyle for a long time, left behind. We start 2023 with the novelty of carrying the line more shifted to one side.

The reason? A return to the fashion of the 90s, when the long hair full of volume and presence They were the most desired. The side parting is perfect for long haircuts and with light layers that seek to enhance volume, since it achieves elevate the root zone and gives rise to play with the frontal locks to create long bangs that enhance the features.

“The secret of the look is in add very soft layers, to gain density, but maintaining a polished and controlled result at all times. To emphasize this effect, we can comb the ends slightly inwards” recommends Mª José Llata, director of Peluquería Llata ​​Carrera.

‘Curly bedhead’: as if you just got up

Julia Garner's hairstyle
Julia Garner’s hairstyle
Instagram / @juliagarnerofficial

Good news for those who are not fans of combing their hair in the morning. According to Conchi Arias, the director of Campos Curlyhair in Granada, 2023 is going to be full of natural hairstyles, “like just out of bed”. The curls do not have to be too defined, but slightly undone and overlapping one over another.

Although we can find this style in all lengths, the stylist recommends it “especially in its shorter versionwith volume in the upper area and the tighter sides, to achieve an effect that is as sophisticated as it is daring”.

Mental notes for 2023

‘Pixie’ and ‘mixie’: very short hair

Úrsula Corberó with her short hair
Úrsula Corberó with her short hair
Doug Peters (Three)

Very short haircuts are here to stay. Are fresh and very rejuvenating and, this 2023, they will be especially ideal for spring and good weather. The trend of short hair already has a long history, although now, “they are worn more outlined so that they have more movement and they are no longer worn so short on the sides, but rather with the hair a little more grown”says Alberto Sanguino, the person in charge of Llongueras.

In summary, short hair is in, but even more if it has something of layers and movement. That is why another of the biggest novelties among the trends is the ‘mixie’ cut. As its own name indicates, it is a mix between the mullet and the pixies, two cuts that have already starred in the hair trends of recent months. Now they have come together to give rise to this new style, which looks great in long hair with some wave or curl.


Margot Robbie with bottleneck bangs
Margot Robbie with bottleneck bangs
Instagram / @margotrobbieofficial

Llongueras experts advise: “Bangs, in all their versions, will also star in 2023”. They can be left very short, above the eyebrows, or, conversely, they can be very long or wider. One of the bangs that will be most successful in the coming months is the French bang, or ‘curtain fringe. thanks to the series ‘Emily in Paris’, this bangs has been the maximum fashion for months when it comes to cuts. It’s about a long straight bangs that goes beyond the eyebrows and works great with both hair down and up.

Another trend that returns is the ‘bottleneck’ bangs or bottleneck, a style that consists of shorter locks in the center of the face and longer and more open in the area of ​​the cheeks. Usually paraded and it is very flattering for all types of factions, since frame the face and refines the face.

cate blanchett

‘Shaggy’: in 2023 it reinvents itself

'camille' cut
‘camille’ cut

The ‘shaggy’ or ‘shag’, reminiscent of the seventies and eighties, is a daring haircutbut with which you will ensure a victory this 2023. This is characterized by being a casual cut, where theThe layers gain prominence. They are usually made short and very thin, with the aim of providing maximum volume.

Llongueras experts expect this cut to be reinvented by 2023. They call it the ‘camille’ cut and it is a revision of the shaggy cut that was invented in the 70s. This more conceptual version of the ‘shaggy’ haircut “creates volumes alternating different cuts in the upper layer of our hair to give it more movement and texture”, comment the stylists.

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