Take care of your hair: these are the techniques to curl your hair without using heat

If there is a hair trend that is going to reign over all the others, it is to have a healthy and shiny hair. We are becoming more aware of the damage that the different treatments we do or the heat of the iron or the tongs can do when we use them and many women are opting for options that do not spoil it so much.

Changing the bleaching for henna or drying the hair in the air are some options that we are offered, however, We also do not want to give up styling our hair. In these cases, many women are resorting to tools that are more respectful of their hair, such as airwrap from Dyson that everyone is talking about on TikTok, but unfortunately, its price is not for all budgets.

For these cases, we find hairstyles without heat, a “granny trick” that leaves us with marked curls or waves without our hair suffering any damage. Being “hair-friendly” and quite cheap, these techniques have become popular to such an extent that they have completely filled social networks. We have selected the most effective ones to start showing off the most spectacular hair we have ever worn.

Matilda Djerf posing for her clothing brand.

1. Supermodel Waves

One of the most popular methods is to use a curling headband (quite soft and with satin fabric) that you put on the head where you leave winding strand by strand on each side of the rod We secure the ends with a rubber band and we go to sleep. The next morning we just have to undo it and enjoy marked and healthy waves.

2. With a bow

The fastest and easiest way to have a mane as if we had gone to the hairdresser is to get a bow on the top of the head. We just have to collect the hair well and, with a satin hair tie and with little pressure, roll the hair around itself and secure it. The less tight it is, the wider the waves will be and vice versa. The next morning we took it off and that’s it.

3. Mermaid Waves

If you want to get a surfer roll, even if you are from Pamplona, ​​braids are the solution. It is the oldest trick, but it is also one of our favorites and it is that we only have to make two braids so that, the next day, we look like a mermaid.

4. With two clamps

It is not necessary to buy anything to have soft, beautiful and perfect waves, just take a pair of tweezers that we have at home. For this technique, we have to divide the hair into four sections, two below and two above, and twist each one out of the face. We secure the end with a clamp and go to sleep. The result the next day is spectacular.

The high ponytail has been one of the most viewed hairstyles in recent fashion weeks.

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