‘Spot treatment’: the trick that helps us dry pimples without ending the hydration of the entire face


No matter how old we are or how constant we are with our nightly routine, there are mornings that, due to hormonal changes, a slightly fattier dinner than usual or nerves, the pimples make an appearance. It is a normal situation (it happens to all of us), natural (we are human and our body fluctuates) and does not involve any gravity, but that does not mean that we like it (nothing!). In fact, raise your hand if you can’t help but squeeze them, even if they are internal, when they appear; the one with a master’s degree in removing pimples and blackheads; or the one that doesn’t take a minute to smear your face with some product recommended for acne.

Well, we are sorry to tell you that they are not usually appropriate decisions: the first two, due to the many possibilities of infecting the area and making it worse; the second, because Our skin usually has different needs even when dealing with the same area. More hydration on cheeks and chin, purifying on forehead and neck, effect facelift all over the face, as the multimasking It is important to bet on specific treatments to improve the affected areas without damaging the surrounding ones, especially when they are drying products to treat pimples. Or do you want Get rid of damaged, dehydrated and red skin?

Combination facial skin usually presents oil in the T zone and dryness in the rest.

If the answer is no, the spot treatment It is all you need: is the technique that allows treating small areas of the face, such as blackheads or internal pimples, with specific and aggressive products that eliminate imperfections in record time without involving others. It can be done with specific creams that we can carefully apply every eight hours with very clean skin, but let’s be honest, we don’t have this time! So we are one of those who bet on patches with microdarts to penetrate the skin and directly attack the problem. and those of Acnemy They are a success for this need since they include retinol, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, very powerful active ingredients for the treatment of internal and painful pimples.

Patches for Acnemy pimples.
Patches for Acnemy pimples.

Of course, remember that miracles do not exist, so while you use Acnemy patches, it is essential to cleanse your face throughout the day so that always act on a clear face. And after using them, don’t skimp on hydration! Often, the pimples that appear to us are due to dryness, so do not give them the option to appear and treat them in time.

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