‘Spooky’ and original manicures with which you will succeed this Halloween if dressing up is not your thing

Since some yearswe have adopted Halloween as if it were our party. Since the first slasher movies came out in the 80s, this Anglo-Saxon tradition has become increasingly popular in Spain and has been perfectly integrated into our culture.

It is no longer strange to see children dressed as monsters on the street every October 31 asking their neighbors for sweets while adults take advantage of this opportunity to get together and spend a scary nighteither at a party or watching a horror movie marathon.

And this is the leitmotiv of this date, fear. However, while others dress as vampires, witches or ghosts, Others don’t like the idea of ​​dressing up so much, although they also want to enjoy this atmosphere of terror. For this reason, the manicure is a good option if you want to enjoy this festivity without going made a painting.

'Lookbook' of Zara's Halloween 2022 collection

From the most minimalist to the most gory, on Instagram we can find the perfect inspiration according to our tastes and integrate Halloween into all our looks.

1. Discreet ghosts

Who are you going to call? To your manicurist as soon as you see this cute and original design. For this Halloween give your french manicure a spin with these adorable mini ghosts. The best? They are very discreet, so we can wear them with our most elegant looks.

2. Devil

Become your ex’s worst nightmare with this manicure that will not leave a puppet with a head. Bring out the devil that you carry inside of you and have a scary time with these nails out of hellwith flames and devil tail included.

3. With tarot cards

It’s time to send back all the bad energy they’ve been sending you throughout the year with this manicure inspired by iconography and tarot cards. You can wear them with white drawings on a black background as we see in the image, but if you like them more discreet, opt for a natural base with black details.

4. Vampire Nails

In the style of Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: HotelBut not too over the top, these vamp nails will make everyone think twice before pissing you off. With a black and red gradientthis stylish manicure will make it look like you just fed on your latest victim.

5. Of modern witch

Not everything will be terrifying manicures, you can also be inspired by the witches aesthetic, but this time in its most modern version. Moons, stars and small diamonds cannot be missing from these glamorous Halloween nails.

6. Pirate

One of the star costumes for this October 31 according to TikTok, it is the pirate. If you want to go for the latest fashion (or you still haven’t gotten over Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean), this manicure is the one. Surprise everyone with the most original nails that are going to see these holidays.

7. Ouija

In addition to watching scary movies, one of the most popular activities among adults on Halloween is the play with the ouija board According to legend, every October 31, the veil between the living and the dead disappears, causing them to communicate and interact with us, so many people do not dare to ask. Would you be able to wear a manicure inspired by her?

8. Of evil spirit

As we have anticipated before, on Halloween the barriers between the spirit world and ours disappear, causing them to cross the threshold to terrify us. Reflect this belief on your nails with this ghostly smoke.

From Freddy Krueger to the witches of Hocus Pocus, through Wednesday Addams or Maleficent, they are sweeping Halloween this year.

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