Solidarity haircuts to donate your hair to women who are fighting cancer


This October 19 is celebrated, one more year, the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer. During this day, not only are the victims of this disease remembered, but it is also about sensitize and educate women from around the world about the importance of regular breast exams.

Marta Lozano at an event with Llongueras

Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in the female population worldwide. According to the statistics issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), this disease represents the 16% of all cancers in female patients.

More and more people dare to contribute their grain of sand in the fight against cancer. One of the ways we can help those fighting this disease is as simple as donate part of our hair. Various associations collect the donated hair to later convert it into wigs and other natural hair accessories For patients who have undergone chemotherapy.

Chenoa at the Ausonia event to fight against breast cancer

Hairdressers have seen how, in recent years, the number of volunteers to donate their hair has multiplied. This is how the hairdressers from Be Stylish, one of the salons in Madrid that collaborates for the cause, tell it. “Young girls are increasingly supportive”, comment the stylists. “In the last two months I will have cut an average of 12 or 13 pigtails, a lot of people come,” they say.

Solidarity haircuts at Be Styilish hairdressers
Solidarity haircuts at Be Styilish hairdressers
Instagram / @be_stylish_madrid

There are many who, taking advantage of the solidarity occasion, make a radical change of look. The minimum to donate is 30 centimeters, so the before and after is very different. “The girls come with a braid up to their ass and leave with a medium lengthover the shoulder”, the stylists tell us. Even the most daring leave the salon with short hair, a cut ‘pixie’ or ‘mullet’ style.

What are the requirements to donate hair?

According to the girls from Stylish, The Internet has allowed young girls to come informed to cut their hair. However, many of us are unaware of the requirements to donate our hair. Did you know that, despite what is thought, dyed hair can be donated? Here we leave you the conditions that some associations put:

  • Hair must be clean before cutting and must be delivered clean and dry.
  • Hair treated with henna is not accepted.
  • The length of the hair must be at least 30 cm.
  • All the strands must be at the same height and in the same direction, so it is advisable to cut it and keep it in braids or ponytails.
  • The hair can be any kind (curly, wavy or straight) and also may have been chemically treated (dyes, highlights, permanent…).
  • Men can also donate their hair, there are no age or gender requirements.
  • It doesn’t matter if the hair is layered, you can donate it and the associations will take advantage of the longer locks.
Requirements to donate
Requirements to donate
Solidarity Wig

How can you donate?

There are several ways in which you can donate your hair to make wigs for solidarity. There are several associations that are in charge of this task, being Solidarity locks and Solidarity Wig the two most active in the country. In both, the procedures are similar.

The first option offered by both organizations is to go to one of the hairdressers that collaborate with them. In these salons you can get the cut you want, at the price established by the hairdresser, and they themselves will take care of sending your hair to the associations. In some cases, although not all, the establishments also take already cut hair.

The second way to get the hair to the associations is go to their venues or events. The Mechones Solidarios association organizes different solidarity events throughout the country, while Peluca Solidaria has its own factory in Madrid, which you can visit.

The last option, perfect if you have cut your hair at home yourself, would be to send the hair by postal mailto the address of each association.

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