‘Siren eyes’, how to make the fashionable eyeliner easily?

If there is a perfect source of inspiration for when you don’t know how to put on makeup, that’s it. TikTok, the ideal social network if you are looking to recreate the latest trends. In it there are thousands of users, some professional makeup artists and others ‘amateur’, who teach us in the easiest and clearest way how to make up and what products they are the best for each style.

It is in this social network where a new type of eyeliner has emerged, which has been going around the Internet for a few months now. It’s all about the makeup siren eyes which, for those of us who are not bilingual, is an eyeliner for “mermaid eyes”. It is a technique that seeks to tear the look, which emphasizes and sensualizes the features. It is similar to the well-known ‘foxy eye’, as it is also a blurred eyeliner. However, instead of elongating upwards, as the ‘foxy eyes’ does, it lengthens outwards and includes an ‘eye liner’ line also in the lacrimal area.

The figures confirm that it is the new star makeup. The hashtag #sireneeyes accumulates more than 744 million views on the social network since the most famous makeup artists on TikTok began to upload their versions. Even some ‘celebrities’ like Bella Hadid o Alexa Demie have opted for this makeup for their most important events.

How to get a mermaid effect eyeliner

If you want to learn how to do this type of ‘makeup’, here we leave you a step by step:

  1. We take a small brush, wet it with water, and take black or brown shadow, whichever is preferred. Also, if it is easier for us, we can use an eyeliner pencil.
  2. With the brush, we create a ascending line following the lower water line (where the lower lashes are born).
  3. Next, we join this line to the outer end of the upper water line. No need to go downtown.
  4. We draw an eyeliner on the lower water line, specifically from the center to the end, since the eyeliners that cover the entire eye delimit it and make it appear rounder, hence the mermaid eyeliner only work on the end of the eyelid.
  5. we blur everything carefully.
  6. Now, we move on to the tear duct. With the same shadow or ‘eyeliner’, we create a spike in the area of ​​the internal lacrimalfollowing the natural line of the eye downwards.
  7. Finally, we apply mascara combing them towards the outer part of the eye.

By following these steps, you will already have a perfect mermaid eye liner. If the explanations are not clear to you, We leave you a TikTok video where you can see how to carry out this type of makeup.

This is how Princess Leonor wore it

some extra touches

If you want to add intensity or drama to your mermaid eyeliner, the ‘tiktokers’ give us some tricks that will give a spectacular touch to your makeup.

The first is very simple, an almost imperceptible touch at first glance, but it will enhance the tearing of your eyes to the maximum. It consists of creating a ascending line with brown shadow or bronzing powder, which goes from the upper part of the eyelid to the end of the eyebrow, ascending towards the temple. With this trick, we play with the light and dark of our eye and we will create a lifting effect precious. We can see it in this video.

This same ‘tiktoker’ reveals another trick to give mermaid eyes a radiant touch. It is about, with a shimmery, gold or silver eyeshadow, give a few touches attached to the line of the eyeliner, above and below the tear duct. With this brilliant shadow we will create an almost magical luminosity to our eyes.

The last of the tricks that we propose requires one more element: false eyelashes. By adding these extensions we can maximize the look, but you have to know how to do it. If we want eyes that are slanted outwards, following the effect of the ‘siren eyes’, TikTok recommends that we place a few strands of false eyelashes on the outer part of the eye only. It will not be necessary to put these extensions on the entire line of eyelashes, because in this way the eye would be more open than torn.

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