Selfie proof! This is the essential makeup product to look good in photos


You pick up your mobile, you take a picture. It doesn’t convince you. You do another one, but you don’t quite like it. What’s going on? We all associate it with the poses or the light, but what if what really happens is that you don’t end up looking good?

Especially on social media like instagram, when this happens we resort to the quickest solution: we put on a good filter. However, if you are one of those who prefers to appear natural, we have to tell you that there is only one product that can help you do this and that is an essential in any makeup bag, no matter how old you are.

Colombian influencer Grace Villarreal

Beyond the makeup base or the illuminator, which will bring light to your face, there is this product that we are talking about and that we not only chose as a ‘must have’ but also as one of the most popular beauty and fashion ‘influencers’. valued in the country also stays with him.

Natalia Osona, who already has a million followers on her Instagram, specializes in beauty and fashion content. the madrilenian He knows all the tricks and ‘tips’ to get the most out of our ‘outfits’ and ‘beauty looks’‘. Because of all this experience, she has just been signed by Primark Beauty as an ambassador to launch her own ‘Edit’ where she chooses her favorites from a ‘cruelty free’ makeup collection from the Irish firm.

Actress, , Emmy: Gardens of the World With Audrey Hepburn (1993), , Grammy: Audrey Hepburn's Enchanted Tales (1994), , Oscar: Best Leading Actress for Roman Holiday (1953), , Tony: Best Dramatic Actress for Ondine ( 1954)

On the occasion of this collaboration, we have been able to chat with the ‘influencer’ to learn about her beginnings in the world of networks, going through her venture with her own fashion firm, and even to discover her beauty ‘tips’. And among all the things that he has told us, there is one that we found especially useful for our more ‘instagrammer’ day-to-day (thank you, Natalia).

The content creator reveals us What is the product that you would recommend to look good YES or YES in a photo without filters. Natalia is very clear about it: “A concealer can always help you create that filter effect.” But, What does this product have to be so important to get a ‘good face’? Easy! Not only does it help to hide dark circles (which cause us to show a tired face), but it is key to covering pimples, marks and even to create a ‘lift-up’ effect, as he confesses to Women.

Natalia Osona presented her 'Edit' with Primark Beauty
Natalia Osona presented her ‘Edit’ with Primark Beauty

How to apply it correctly?

The concealer is an ally for a good makeup, however it is necessary to know how to apply it correctly to get a good result. To do this, you can use both your fingers and a brush or sponge; but the areas where you apply it will be key.

It is important that the concealer only covers those areas that are absolutely necessary, since it has a great coverage and it does not make sense to apply it evenly all over the face.

For this reason, it is important to make up the dark circle (only in the darkest area of ​​the circle, where it is marked, to balance the tone) and once the desired area has been covered, you can apply the rest that remains both on the sponge, on the brush or fingers for the rest of the eye contour.

On the other hand, in order to cover the pimples and other brands, it is recommended to use a shade lighter than your foundation but without it becoming white, because it wouldn’t look good either. How to use it? Apply around the granite and blend it in with your fingertips. And you’ll be ready for your ‘selfie’, ‘say cheese!’.

eye contour
eye contour

The essential ‘beauty’ of Natalia Osona

Concealer or a good lipstick are two basics for the ‘influencer’ but the definitive ‘wish list’ for the woman from Madrid is…

  • ‘Lip liner’: “I can’t live without them,” he confesses. Her favorite is the Velvet Touch color, to wear every day blended with her natural lip tone.
  • ‘lip kits’: to give a ‘glow’ touch to the lips.
  • Concealer: he recognizes that it is his secret to cover his dark circles when he has not slept well. And as we have been saying, it is your basic even to look good in the photos.
  • cream blush: confesses that it is a ‘must’ both for day to day and for a special event, as it brings vitality to the face.
  • Mascara: For her, her favorite from Primark Beauty is ‘Fake it Electric’ because “it lengthens them a lot and they are phenomenal”.
  • false eyelashes: for a more party ‘mood’. She chooses the ‘False Lashes Pink’.
  • Artificial nails: “I love taking care of my nails and I love keeping them long, which is why I choose ‘Almond gloosy false nails’.”
  • Makeup base: The woman from Madrid chooses ‘Flawless Glow’ because she likes it to be light and at the same time illuminate the face.
  • Illuminator: essential to highlight the features and give light to the look.
  • A hair band: to be able to do the ‘skincare’ routines correctly.
  • A rotating makeup organizer: to store all the products.

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