Selena Gomez surprises her fans again with a ‘selfie’ without makeup and with natural hair

When hyper-retouched photos are the norm, with a lot of makeup and a perfect hairstyle, naturalness becomes relevant. Unreal perfection continues to be the most common thing on social networks and manages to fill the consultations of aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons. It is not common to see an ‘influencer’ without any type of artifice beyond a clean face and that an internationally famous person does it seems almost impossible. However, this is not the case with Selena Gomez.

The actress is increasingly active on Instagram and, unlike some of her peers, she likes to share her day-to-day more than the red carpet photos or the magazines she stars in. Aside from moments with her best friends and her family, Gomez also uploads pictures of herself in more intimate moments and without a single drop of makeup, just like we do.

Naturalness is taking over Selena’s account. A few weeks ago the artist uploaded a photo that couldn’t be more natural, disheveled and with a pimplewith which he received all the support of his fans for being so vulnerable (being consistent with his brand’s philosophy) and showing everyone that even the big stars are also human.

Laura Scanes.

A few hours ago, the artist repeated the move, this time giving a greater role to her wild waves in what looks like an old photo. “I liked my hair back then…should I leave it that way again?”Gomez wrote in the post.

Before this publication, her fans have been delighted with the natural hair of the actress and have let her know in the comments. “If more ‘celebrities’ showed off her natural beauty, women would feel 100 percent more comfortable with her appearance,” “You have inspired me to show off my curls again”“curls are everything”… Some of his followers wrote.

Although naturalness was one of the great trends during the pandemic (especially during confinement), it seems that during the last year we have completely abandoned it, going to the opposite extreme with extravagant looks, very elaborate makeup and high maintenance haircuts. In addition, these guidelines have also passed to body aesthetics, with extremely thin figures.

That such an important artist not only bets on the diversity of bodies and feel comfortable in your own skinbut she also doesn’t mind being seen with her natural hair, without makeup and with imperfections is a breath of fresh air.

There are a whole series of myths around hair care.

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