Sara Sálamo has the most real ‘no-make up’ of the Goya 2023

Sara Sálamo is an actress, yes, but she is also a full-time woman and mother. This condition leads her to worry about how she is read in society and especially how young people are increasingly exposed to beauty standards that are beyond the reach of mortals.

Filters on social networks, surgeries within the reach of anyone or impossible makeup that changes the face of the person who wears it until they become another person, are things that have gone from being part of science fiction and film special effects to daily bread. In Internet. And this, as a mother, worries Sara, who has used the red carpet of the Goya 2023 as a speaker for a problem visible to all.

Sara Sálamo ‘with a washed face’ at the Goya 2023

When it is said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, it is because there are messages that are better conveyed with visual evidence than with infinite speeches that are lost among so many other current events. The chicharrera actress has revealed this by appearing at the 37th edition of the Goya Awards with his face washed and bare.

“With this gesture I would only like to claim naturalness and self-acceptance so that we can feel comfortable without artifice. And make-up, fashion or beauty be an accessory and a game.” This has been declared on social networks along with some photographs that show her skin naturally. Is there a secret behind this transgressive beauty look? We figured it out.

Sara Sálamo without makeup at the Goya 2023
Sara Sálamo without makeup at the Goya 2023
Europa Press via Getty Images

A clean face, yes, but with a skin care routine that has made the actress look under the spotlight with a particular shine. Hydration has been key for Sara to show off her face without a drop of makeup, with a natural tan, showing marks and moles that many of us share.

Her eyebrows, combed and outlined, have framed the look and the face and her slightly pink lips have finished off this look with a message that should not be overlooked for any generation.

And you, after seeing Sara on the red carpet without makeup, do you dare to go out more times with a clean face and enjoy those ‘imperfections’ that make you look natural?

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