Rose quartz is the new ‘beauty’ ally: we tell you why and we teach you how to introduce it into your routine

if you are a beauty lover you will know that cosmetics is not the only ingredient to achieve a radiant, healthy and beautiful complexion. A complete and effective routine (which is the most important thing!) requires instrumental of the most varied to achieve a complexion with clear pores but without generating redness or irritation, as is the case with electric silicone brushes. Or so that the active ingredients in our serums and creams penetrate our skin better. Also to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes, blur some of the most feared wrinkles or, simply, to avoid sagging of the face in the long term.

These wrinkles arise as a consequence of the flaccidity and descent of the tissues of the lower third of the face.

But, of all the possible proposals, there is one in particular that seems to be taking the lead. And we are not talking about a specific instrument, but about the material with which they are made: Do you already use rose quartz? This stone has recognized properties that help, among other things, to improve our nighttime routines, as it has a calming effect that is appreciated after cleansing and, in addition, facilitates, through massage, the opening of pores so that cosmetics can penetrate into the skin. our complexion properly. To benefit from both, it is best to have a jade roller rose to help us achieve it with ease.

The Sephora brand rose quartz roller.
The Sephora brand rose quartz roller.

A world-known solution beauty that has little to do with what we have found in the Primor catalogue. It is a bottle, signed by You are the Princess, designed to pour our favorite cosmetics (serum, tonic or micellar water) that has a heart of rose quartz stones that will help will help restore the glow energy to dull skin. What are you waiting for to get one and see what the glow What does rose quartz bring?

The heart is rose quartz to restore the natural glow to the complexion.
The heart is rose quartz to restore the natural glow to the complexion.

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