Romantic and easy, this is the guest hairstyle of María Fernández Rubíes that you can do in less than 3 minutes

For those of us who don’t have much skill with our hair, look for a hairstyle for a special occasion it can be a headache. And complicated updos or spending hours in a hairdresser do not seem like the best solution. For this reason, many of us look for solutions in the networks, looking for easy hairstyles that inspire us. and assure us a hair triumph.

If we take a look at the networks, we see that there is a trend that stands out above the rest. It’s about the ‘doll’ hairstyles, looks that take up the classic beauty style that we saw in dolls like Barbies, Nancy or porcelain dolls.

We have seen the perfect example of this type of hairstyle, on several occasions, on the Instagram of the ‘influencer’ Maria Fernandez Rubies. The young woman from Madrid has a sweet and classic stylewhich knows how to combine perfectly with touches of trends.

With a printed dress and ones platform heels, María has fallen in love with her thousands of followers. She finished off the ‘outfit’ with a jacket in a beige tone and the star hairstyle of the season autumn. It may not be a stunning up-do, or an eye-catching hairstyle, but it certainly finishes off this look (and any other, in our opinion) perfectly.

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The sweetest complement

The accessory that reminds us of our early childhood is now a trend. It’s about the ties, thin and delicate ribbons that give the sweetest touch to our hairstyle. María Fernández has already worn it on several occasions, demonstrating that it looks just as good with a guest dress that with a simple top and jeans.

One of the first to use this plugin was the model Olivia Palermowho chose to wear a simple black bow at the beginning of her long, high braid.

The ‘influencers’ have launched to interpret this hairstyle, including bows in all kinds of hairstyles. The use of a simple ribbon gives the look a touch of innocence that will mark our hairstyles this season, framing itself in the trend of ‘doll hair’ most desired of the moment.

If you want to recreate this hairstyle (which from now on we will surely associate with María), it is essential that you get one of these little bows. In stores like Stradivarius there are some options, but you can make your own bow very easily, buying a ribbon of the color that you like best at any haberdashery in your neighborhood.

How to do it in just a few minutes

This semi-updo is, without a doubt, one of the easiest and most successful options if you are looking for a guest look. It can be done in just a few minutes and does not require much skill. Just take a fraction at the top of your hair. you can hold it with tweezersif the section is small, or wrap it with a thin rubber.

When picking up the top of your hair, one trick is not to pull the ponytail too tight. This will create a top volume that will raise the focus of attention and achieve an anti-gravity effect.

When you already have the ponytail, you only have to wrap around the rubber bandbeing careful not to take extra strands.

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