Quick and easy makeup tricks to look perfect at parties, told by a professional makeup artist

The Christmas spirit already invades everything. The lights of the cities have already been turned on, the shop windows display their best decorations and the hotels have been decked out with fir branches, tinsel or garlands. We, on the other hand, have already thought about the looks that we are going to wear and, if we still don’t have them, we are nothing away from getting them.

Once the ‘outfit’ is solved, it’s time to think about what hairstyle and makeup to do. With the hair theme, we already gave you some clues, so now we are going to get into makeup, but not with just any ‘beauty’ look, one that is up to the job. center of all eyes.

However, one of the problems that we can find here is the lack of timeeither because we have to leave home early to arrive on time for the company dinner, because Christmas Eve dinner is at our house and we have to prepare it, or we simply took a longer nap than we had planned.

Easy hairstyles for Christmas events

In any case, we have contacted Eva Esconalo (@evaescolanomakeup), make-up artist for celebrities such as Ana Padilla, Laura Matamoros and Paula Ordovás, to give us the tricks with which to recreate a festive makeup, easy and fast to arrive on time to everything being perfect.

Ultra flattering last minute makeup

Quick and flattering makeup
Quick and flattering makeup

“The most important thing is to start with a cared and hydrated skin. If we don’t have a lot of time, a tinted moisturizer, a CC Cream or even your moisturizer mixed with foundation, all applied with your fingers, are good options,” the makeup artist tells us. “To that I would add a mascara of eyelashes that to make it look beautiful it is important that you give two or three layersalways applying the last one with the tip of the applicator in the finals”, he adds. This trick manages to raise the eyelashes and leave a more torn eye.

One of the great tricks of make-up artists to achieve the “good face” effect is to apply the same product at various strategic points on the face, and Escolano reveals it to us: “With a blush stick, or even lipstick, you can give yourself a little of tone with the fingers in the eyelids, cheeks and lips“. In just a minute we are perfect to go where we want with a very flattering makeup.

How to apply the illuminator so that it remains natural and does not add years

The illuminator, the more subtle and integrated, the better
The illuminator, the more subtle and integrated, the better

The highlighter has become essential in our makeup looks, however, when we apply it wrong we can highlight any imperfections of the skin, from its texture to wrinkles, however small they may be.

So that this does not happen, Eva Escolano advises us “choose a very fine powder or cream highlighter so that the skin is not very recharged and put very little. Many times we put on makeup at home with artificial light, but when we go out it looks much more”. In order not to add more years, the make-up artist warns us not to bring it near the area of ​​the dark circles so that an effect that we do not want remains.

Beginner-Proof Catwalk Eyeliner

For a 'eyeliner' of 10, the pencil is the clavr
For an ‘eyeliner’ of 10, the pencil is the key

When applying the eyeliner, doubts always arise and our pulse begins to tremble. Many times we only have one opportunity and we want it to be perfect the first time, so the precision and symmetry is required. However, these two qualities do not usually work under pressure.

So that everything works in our favor, the expert explains to us, step by step, how to make the perfect ‘eyeliner’, easy and fast: “There is a very easy trick and it is with a creamy, black, brown or tone that you want, mark well the end of the eyethe external triangle flush with the eyelashes, both above and below, making a very small ‘V’”. He then comments that “with our finger, we stretch outwards and, since what we have put is going to move, It will mark the line that we can then reinforce with a shadow”.

In the case of having a very small or hooded eyelid, things change and to make it look nice and clean, Eva advises “do the eyeliner by inside the water line above, not above the lashes because it would show more line than eyelid and I didn’t want pretty”.

Give ‘glow’ to your skin

Don't just focus on the face, the body matters too
Don’t just focus on the face, the body matters too

Although it is winter, at parties too we like to show off a little skin with necklines or minidresses that make our legs kilometric. To get the most out of them, Eva Escolano recommends that we also focus on these parts of our body in our ‘beauty’ look.

If you don’t want to waste too much time on this, Escolano recommends “applying to the foundation a few drops of liquid highlighter and spread it over the neck, clavicle, shoulders, décolleté, legs… If you want more ‘glow’, once this is applied, put a bit of gloss on the highest points. With this the skin appears dewy and it looks very nice.”

‘Stickers’ that complete any look

Bet on glitter and pearls this holiday season
Bet on glitter and pearls this holiday season

Diamond and pearl stickers have become very popular for party looks and this Christmas they couldn’t be missing either. One of its great advantages is that, being so striking, They don’t need elaborate makeup., rather the opposite. With them we save a lot of time and we will have a very special and striking look without effort.

“If you want to give it a touch of light, you can choose some very small stones, stick them with a little bit of eyelash glue or ‘gloss’ and put them where you like them best. They favor a lot in the lacrimalunder the eyelashes, under the arched eyebrows or even on the top of the cheekbone,” he explains.

With these tricks, our look will not only be quick and easy, it will also be one of the most memorable of the night. So if you don’t want to go unnoticed, follow Eva’s advice to be the center of attention.

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