One million followers, a fashion brand and a new life in Paris: Natalia Osona reveals the definitive secret to succeed as an ‘influencer’

With more than a million followers and many years of experience behind them, Natalia Osona She is an expert in everything related to fashion and beauty, as well as being a benchmark for the ‘millennial’ and Z generations.

Natalia Osona left her law degree to dedicate herself fully to the world of social networks. It was in the year 2014 when the young woman began to succeed, and she did so as a result of setting up her own fashion brand, glowrias, an adventure that, although it is not easy, turned out very well. At the moment he combines the work of his own project with his day-to-day life as an ‘influencer’.

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At 31 years of age, in addition to being a benchmark for the youngest, Natalia Osona is one of the promises of our Paris in many ways. Not only has she gone through the most prestigious universities, such as Harvard or the Sorbonne in Paris, but she proves to be a brave woman, non-conformist and capable of achieving her goals.

Currently he has just started a new life in Paris, but he has just visited Spain to present his latest work: a collaboration with Primark Beauty named The Expert Edit x Natalia Osona. In it we find a selection of basic cosmetics that the ‘influencer’ has chosen from a collection of ‘cruelty free’ products. We spoke with the Madrid woman about her trajectory in social networks, the secret to success, her beginnings in the world of fashion or her beauty tricks.

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You have already reached one million followers. In your case, the pandemic marked a before and after in your profile as an ‘influencer’. Tell us. What happened? Well, before the pandemic it had a pretty big community, about 650,000 followers. But it is true that ‘thanks’ to the pandemic I was able to make the most of my social networks. Until then, I used them 90% for my clothing brand (which is specialized in clothing for events, parties and special occasions) and only 10% was personal content. My followers always wanted to know more about me, my boy, my dogs… but my company had me completely absorbed. The pandemic slowed down the online party wear trade so it was a time when it didn’t make sense to make content about looks. For this reason, in quarantine, I saw that I had whole days off, so I took advantage of them to entertain my community. I knew that these were hard times for everyone, so I turned to doing live training with my partner. We had thousands of people connected every day and, with this, we did not earn anything financial, only the love of the people who thanked us for being able to help them overcome those hard moments. That is why my networks began to grow much more by being able to invest much more time in my personal profile and in my community.

What is the secret to succeed in networks as an ‘influencer’? There is no secret formula, but what I think is essential is: be authentic, have a lot of inner strength, perseverance and perseverance. I also think that something very important is to love your community of followers, to value and respect them. Always be honest in your collaborations, that is, that the recommendations you make are real, based on products that you like and that you think can contribute something to your community.

Glowrias is your clothing brand. You started on this entrepreneurial adventure 8 years ago. How were the beginnings? Very hard! Years without being able to spare a single day, exhaustion to the maximum, working day and night…. But how gratifying to look back and see everything that has grown with our work and effort. The truth is that starting from scratch is not easy and many times I have thought why life always sends me the hard way, when I see that there are profiles that, by appearing on a television program, manage to grow in a period of time. very short time. The truth is, when I think about it, if I hadn’t started at the bottom, Glowrias wouldn’t have been successful. The desire, the commitment, the strength, the illusion that you have when you create something without being anyone, without having support… It’s brutal! And I cannot be more grateful to life for having made it difficult for me, because that means that today, I know what effort and work are and continue with my feet on the ground.

What would you say to a woman who wants to undertake? That before doing so, be aware of everything that this entails. I do not like to delude anyone with things that are not. Entrepreneurship (and more, without help) is very hard. You have to know that it is a road full of risks and that if you do not like having them in your life, it is not for you. Of course, it is a path that, knowing how to enjoy it, is precious, you learn a lot and it shapes you as a person.

What would you say is your favorite thing about your work in social networks? And what less? What I like the most is the community we have formed. I think that the people who follow me, know my success story, identify with it and have very similar values ​​to mine, are very good people. It’s very nice to feel how your support can go beyond the screen at times and the truth is that I feel like it’s a second family. The least is that in the end you get everywhere, people who don’t know you and dare to judge without knowing. Sometimes, coming to ask for explanations of very private aspects of your life. But the worst of all this exposure, without a doubt, is the fact that they can reach your private sphere (your house, your family…) I try to be very cautious in this information, mislead with the dates that I am outside my house, but the scares they are there.

Are you one of those who has ever had a bad experience for being a ‘public figure’ on social networks? Of course, when you have a certain relevance it is normal. Unfortunately, we have to normalize it and live with it. At first, it’s very shocking how people who don’t know you dare to say such hurtful things to you or even make things up. But it is that I hardly even go in and, if I do, it is minimal to be able to continue with my life. The good thing is that I have so many things to do that they don’t paralyze me. I mean, I know the haters are there, but honestly, I think they’re the best fans. Not having them would worry me.

I know the haters are out there, but honestly, I think they’re the best fans. Not having them would worry me.

How have you managed it emotionally so that it does not affect you excessively? At the moment I have never had to resort to external help for this type of thing (other than discussing it with my closest people). Yes, I have gone to the psychologist, but for other spheres of my life. I think that what has helped me the most is the confidence that I have in myself and the inner strength. When I was little I was ‘bullied’ at school, I think that, if that hasn’t destroyed me, some ‘haters’ now, being an adult woman is nothing.

Fashion and beauty are two of your main themes when creating content on networks. Which of the makeup trends do you think are going to succeed the most this season? Without a doubt the ‘glow’ effect makeup. Juicy and illuminated skin, natural and hydrated lips…. Just what we are looking for with this Edit together with Primark!

How would you define your ‘make-up’ style? Natural, I love the ‘make-up’ that enhances our own beauty without looking like people we are not.

Natalia Osona presented her 'Edit' with Primark Beauty
Natalia Osona presented her ‘Edit’ with Primark Beauty

As you mentioned, you are in charge of inaugurating a new ‘beauty’ era in Spain at the hands of Primark and you have created your own beauty Edit, which other ‘influencers’ already do with the firm all over the world. What are your makeup essentials? Definitely a concealer for dark circles and to create a ‘lift-up’ effect. A nude lipstick with a profiler of the same tone and mascara.

If you had to keep only one product to carry in your bag no matter what, what would it be?? A lipstick, without a doubt!

What does this collaboration with Primark mean for you? Quite an event! Being able to launch this Edit by the hand of one of the most important international brands is a real luxury. In fact, I feel extremely grateful that they trusted me. I think we have done an impeccable job and the results are a complete success. I can not be happier.

Selfie proof! What product would you recommend to look good yes or yes in a photo without filters? A concealer can always help you create that filter effect. Concealing dark circles, pimples and even to give the ‘lift-up’ effect.

Fashion is another of your great passions. What basic do you consider essential in a wardrobe? The basic star is a white shirt. I think it can solve a thousand looks for you and it can give you a touch from the most formal to the most informal.

How would you define your style? Chameleon. As soon as you can see me in a super chic look and arranged like the next day in a tracksuit or with a cap, in the purest New Yorker style. It all depends on my mood and the things I have to do that day. Of course, comfort is always something indisputable in my ‘outfits’.

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