Olivia Palermo’s hairstyle (which Princess Leonor has also worn) is the definitive updo to succeed with your guest look

If there is a hairstyle that has been triumphing in all the seasons of 2022, it is without a doubt. the braids. We have seen this updo in a multitude of variants, such as mini-braids this summer or more elaborate looks thanks to the premiere of series that do not stop incorporating them into their characters, such as the house of the dragon.

So much Elie Saab as Iris Van Herpen, Christian DiorLouise Lyngh Bjerregaard and Cecilie Bahnsen have opted for braids in their autumn-winter 22/23 collections in many styles, from the most romantic to the most futuristic.

The ‘street style’ has also echoed them and our favorite ‘influencers’ have been among the first to sign up for this trend, first wearing the hippie mini-braids this summer and, now, opting for more formal updos ideal for events this Christmas or to be the perfect guest at winter weddings.

Victoria Federica at an event against cancer

Olivia Palermo, the queen of Instagram, could not wait any longer to launch this new variant and has surprised us all through a story on the social network with the ultimate braided bun.

Olivia Palermo's braided bun
Olivia Palermo’s braided bun

The ‘influencer’ attended the Glamor Women of the Year awards with a satin look and structured skirt by Bach Mai and a precious stone necklace signed by Marco Bicego. However, the real The protagonist of her style was her hairstyle.

Olivia Palermo posed on the red carpet with a braided bun extremely neat and polished (as dictated by current hair trends) in which there was no room for loose hair or a misplaced hairpin.

These types of hairstyles already went viral a couple of years ago with the premiere of Black Widow and the looks that both Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh left us on screen and now they have conquered us again in a more sophisticated version.

A very ‘royal’ look

Princess Leonor at the 2022 Princess of Asturias Awards
Princess Leonor at the 2022 Princess of Asturias Awards

However, this hairstyle is not only for fictional characters and fashion ‘influencers’, royalty is also unable to resist its charms, making the Princess Leonor would wear it in the last Princess of Asturias Awards.

The heiress to the throne chose a style not as polished as that of Palermo but with a youthful air. In her case, Leonor dispensed with so much hairspray and gel to opt for a braided bow more casual that left a couple of locks loose that framed his face. A perfect hairstyle for a 17 year old girl.

As we have already seen, braided bows are a hairstyle very flattering for everyone and yet, one of the most forgotten guest looks. So, if you want to surprise everyone at your next event, don’t hesitate to take it.

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne at the 'The Good Nurse' premiere at the London Film Festival

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