Mercadona oatmeal water that costs 3 euros and prevents aging, soothes the skin and refreshes makeup

Especially after the summer and with the change of seasons, it is common to notice that the skin becomes dry or irritated. There are many external factors that have been able to affect our skin during the hottest months of the year, such as high temperatures, sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools or excessive dryness in the environment. As if it seemed little to us, now with the arrival of autumn the skin has to adapt to the change of season. But, how can we take care of it?

Facial oil that prevents wrinkles

Beyond carrying out a constant skincare routine that meets the needs of our skin, It is important to have a ‘beauty’ product extra that can help us calm her down and give her back all the lost hydration. We are not referring to a moisturizer (which is also a basic in every toiletry bag), but to one of those multipurpose cosmetics that They can do much more for our skin than we think..

Now you can know what your skin needs just with a selfie

At Mercadona we find different ‘skincare’ products that can help us keep our skin in tone without spending too much money, and one of the basics of the Spanish company that we should know is oat water.

Is about a ‘mist’ formulated with a high oat content, an ingredient used for centuries by Japanese women to take care of their skin that, indeed, provides a soothing action to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Besides, can be used as a toner or to refresh makeup.

Toners are essential for a winter facial routine.
There are certain products that can provide extra benefits to our skin.

Thanks to the oat extract, this product soothes and repairs dry skin; however, it is also used for its rejuvenating and anti-aging action, since its formula also includes vitamin E, to protect skin cells; glycerin, for improve hydration; and citric acid, with antioxidant power that favors its elasticity.

Mercadona oatmeal water
Mercadona oatmeal water

The product belongs to Mercadona for €2.98. To use it, we simply have to vaporize it on the face and let it act for a few seconds. Immediately, we will dry with small taps.

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