Makeup palettes dedicated to your ex: Íñigo Onieva already has his

Makeup has always been a world dedicated to experimentation, expression and, above all, fun. This discipline goes beyond correcting imperfections or seeing ourselves more favored, it is about feeling good about ourselves through shapes and colors.

Makeup, without a doubt, is synonymous with beauty and empowerment. And although feeling empowered does not understand moments, the truth is that when our ‘heart’ is broken, we need it more than ever, right?

Carolina Herrera.  Spring-summer 23

This last week of September is punctuated by a very media break (well, two). The entire country is involved in the infidelity (recently recognized) of Íñigo Onieva to Tamara Falco. Of course, all of us who have suffered heartbreak on some occasion can empathize and even feel the pain and disappointment that the Marquesa de Griñón is feeling right now, but we also know what will happen next, and that is love. no one dies We are ready to see Isabel Preysler’s daughter rise from the ashes.

Tamara Falcó, in 'El Hormiguero'.

Aware of all this, and of the immense power that a good ‘make-up’ has to make us feel good, from the cosmetic firm Krash they encourage ‘beauty lovers’ to get pretty in honor of our exes. And is there a better way to say “look what you missed”? We think not.

In a post on social networks, the firm has recalled one of its most striking collections, which under the name of EyEXshadow presents a line of personalized shadow palettes. with the names of your exes. Among them we find from the palette of Pablo or Claudia to that of Marcos and Fran. And what’s new in this post? Well, indeed, Íñigo’s name appears on the photographed shadow palette.

As he explains to WomenÁlvaro Vélez Medina, CEO and founder of the firm, the idea for this collection arose in 2019, “my ex-partner had just left me and I was very blocked with the theme of our first shadow palettes. In a conversation with one of my colleagues, I said: “Can you imagine that I put my ex’s name on it?”, to which my colleague replied: “You already have a theme.” The other two employees at that time gave the names of their EXes to be also used in pallets, and together we name the tones with things that were done to us during the relationship“. Each detail of the palettes has its meaning: “For example, in my case, in the ‘Jose’ palette there is a tone called ‘No Labels’ because it was something that I constantly repeated to myself, even though we had been together for more than a year. It’s a super fun way to interact with the tones and definitely something people relatable to.”

Inigo’s palette

“The new EX from Spain deserved nothing more than an eyEXshadow Palette with his name”, they add from the firm. However, the reality is that, for now, this custom palette for Tamara’s ex has not come true. What else does Íñigo have to do to earn his own palette?

We asked the founder of the firm because we are curious, what would Íñigo Onieva’s palette be like? “Considering he’s the EX of a very beige celeb, we 100% see her as our most nude, safe, and conservative palette. Maybe we’d throw in some fun ‘glitter’ or ‘shimmer’because we have laughed a lot with Tamara outside and inside her ‘reality’, but nothing that can attract too much attention in the Salamanca neighborhood“.

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