Laura Escanes shares her real, unfiltered skin on social media

Social networks were born with the aim of connecting with other people quickly and instantly. In this context, Instagram emerged in order for people to share images of their day-to-day life, but without a doubt, the objective ended up being distorted with the concept that we all know as ‘posturing’. If there is something that blurs the networks, it is those unnatural user behavior who try to show that their lives are perfect in order to feel integrated and approved by others. However, what is shared on networks is not always false and, in fact, when content creators are encouraged to bring out their most real and human side, they are usually rewarded by their followers. This has been the case for Laura Escanesthe ‘influencer’ that is on everyone’s lips and that she has shared on her profile how is your skin without any type of filter. Bravo!

Laura Escanes shows us that bikinis are also for winter

It goes without saying that the vast majority of posts we see on social networks in general, and on Instagram in particular, have some kind of filter that ends up distorting reality. Neither the bodies, nor the faces, nor the landscapes, nor the days are as perfect as we see in the most famous ‘feeds’. And, without a doubt, the abuse of this ‘make-up’ of reality is one of the great causes why especially the youngest have self-esteem problems.

The ‘influencer’ Laura Escaneswho has almost 2 million ‘followers’ on her Instagram and who is a reference among younger girls and lovers of fashion and beauty, has given a surprise with her latest published ‘story’: in it the Catalan appears showing her real skin with a ‘selfie’ in which you can see the pimples, spots and redness. After all, brands that we all have.

Using the correct active ingredients on the skin is very important

“It is not the type of content that I usually upload but just as I show you when I have perfect skin, this also exists,” explains the ‘influencer’ in her publication. “Real skin and without filters I will update you. Normally I do not have pimples or acne, but this area It is the fetish zone of my pimples. Whenever they want to go out, they go there“, Add.

Laura Escanes shows her natural skin on Instagram
Laura Escanes shows her natural skin on Instagram
Instagram / @lauraescanes

In her case, as can be seen in the publication, this ‘fetish’ area, as she herself refers to, is on the cheekbone and cheek, but the forehead or chin are usually other very common ones. These are usually known as cystic pimples, and they are usually more difficult to remove than other momentary ones. It usually happens because we tend to touch that area more (error) and the bacteria in them cause inflammation and the appearance of others right next to it. They are usually subcutaneous and therefore their removal costs more than normal.

For this, deep facial cleansing, prepared by specialists, is usually a good alternative. However, specialists also recommend carrying out a daily facial routine (morning and night) in which we incorporate, in addition to a facial cleanser and a serum and a cream suitable for our skin type, other types of active ingredients such as salicylic acid. And in any case, talking to a specialist or a dermatologist is always recommended.

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