Kylie Jenner reveals the detail that will differentiate your collected this autumn-winter

The hair looks of Kylie Jenner have always given a lot to talk about. The little one of the Kardashian clan has played with virtually every color of the rainbow, trying out Little Mermaid red, aqua blue, golden brown, and Barbie pink (among others), thanks to her extensive wig collection. Lately, though, she’s been keeping things pretty consistent.

Jenner has made the extra long hair his signature in the last two years, keeping her natural color and only playing with hairpieces or bangs, without following any specific trend. However, the ‘influencer’ continues to inspire us as far as hair is concerned and brings us the definitive trick to tame annoying ‘baby hairs’.

This term may sound a bit familiar to you and it is that they have been on everyone’s lips in recent years. It’s about the hairs that have just been born or have broken in the area of ​​the forehead, temples or sideburns and are characterized by being quite difficult to control.

Businesswoman Kylie Jenner, in 2019.

Although we generally don’t give them much importance, with the trend of polished hairstyles they can be a problem, since we are looking for a very clean look and ‘baby hairs’ they don’t stop bothering. Luckily, Kylie Jenner has found the solution.

Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week
Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week
Aurore Marechal/GTRES

These days are celebrating the Paris Fashion Week in the French capital and great celebrities have traveled there who have been invited to the most prestigious fashion shows, including Kylie.

The ‘influencer’ appeared last night in the ‘front row’ of Acne Studio with a more elegant look than we were used to, with a white dress from the firm that covered her from neck to toe. Of course, marking the entire figure of her. But her look was not what caught our attention, it was her hairstyle.

Following the ‘clean look’ trend, Jenner wore a rather polished bun and made some little waves (style of Superman) with her ‘baby hairs’, solving this problem and turning them into that extra detail that gave her more sophistication.

get the look

Recreating it is quite simple and after doing the tight updo that we want, with the same gel or hair gel we just have to give it the desired shape is these hairs with our fingers or with the tip of a comb.

This hairstyle is perfectly complemented by the makeup that she chose for the occasion, less overloaded than what we are used to. The ‘influencer’ showed off her natural beauty by applying a little ‘bronzer’ and blush, focusing mainly on the lips.

Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week
Kylie Jenner at Paris Fashion Week

Kylie surprised us with a beauty look that we can’t wait to copy, since good for any occasion and that it is allowed to wear both day and night, thanks to the fact that it is a quite fresh style with touches of glamor that manage to elevate everything.

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