Krash Kosmetics: the future of makeup has a name and surname and was born in Spain

In the past 2018, in Spain, the cosmetics brand that has revolutionized social networks and the makeup industry was born, we are talking, of course, about Krash Cosmetics. The first reason for the revolution is that its products are totally vegan., but not only for this reason they have been put in the spotlight, but also for their values, their brand ambassadors and because their products seem to come directly from the future. duochromatic eyeshadows, eyeliners whites that supersede the classics of black color, gloss for lips that volumize or highlighters that provide color and not just shine. As for the pillars on which the Spanish firm is based, the first is to celebrate diversity. And it is that, as they stand out from the brand: “We want to break the rules and be able to express through beauty no matter who you are.”

The white eyeliner illuminates the look and has become a revolution on Tik Tok and Instagram.

The second pillar, its inclusive pricessince from Krash Kosmetics they want their products to be available to everyonethat is, that the fair value for money. Another of its pillars is social networks, the community that has been created on the internet is very important to them and they demonstrate it with daily interactions with which they have managed to break the customer-brand barrier. Finally, we cannot forget that his thought is pink! “Pink has always been seen as a color for girls, usually associated with weakness. For us, it is a symbol of empowerment,” they say from the brand.

Where to find your products

The entire range of Krash Kosmetics products, this vegan, genderless, groundbreaking, non-ethnic makeup created by the youtuber Alvaro KuseIs available in cuteness. From new releases like her three highlighters in gold, pink and white (Karmen, Kandy and Kadiz!), which are sweeping, even its most viral products such as the iconic gloss volumizing and spicy that enhances your lips or khamaleon duochrome shadows to make your eyes shine in different colors.

The ‘best-sellers’ of the brand

It is very difficult to choose between all their products, especially since many are backed by drag icons like Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, one of the brand’s ambassadors. But since 20deShopping we wanted to highlight our three favorites that do not stop sweeping Spain.

The three favorite products of 20deCompras best sellers!
The three favorite products of 20deCompras best sellers!
Source: Primo. Assembly: 20deCompras.


But, if there is something scandalous about this brand, it is the number of colors and tones that our eyes can wear, thanks to the Krash Kosmetics shadow palettes. Nobody before like the Spanish firm had managed to create such an immense and different range of tones and textures. The combinations for the different looks with these shadows they are infinite!

-Back to the party nights of the 2000s. With this palette of shadows you will welcome a typical 2000s prom with lookazos most surprising thanks to the 12 hyperpigmented shadows in this palette with matte, metallic and duochrome (with glitter!) finishes. Vegan, hypoallergenic, easy to use, contact lens friendly, fragrance free and with a mirror to make painting easier.

12 hyperpigmented shadows with a matte, 'shimmer' and duochromatic finish.
12 hyperpigmented shadows with a matte, ‘shimmer’ and duochromatic finish.

-We have all had a scandal at some time, let your makeup get in them. With this palette it’s time to be outrageous and outrageous! 18 shades in matte finishes, shimmer and metallic, in shades of purple and pink, and with more than 50 grams in each shade so that it is difficult for you to bottom out in your favorite colors with use. If you combine it with false eyelashes and the eyeliner of the moment, sure, you will devastate at night.

In purple and pink tones.
In purple and pink tones.

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