Jessica Chastain has the ‘beauty look’ that will triumph on autumn nights

when we think of colorful seasonsthe first thing that comes to mind is spring, with that explosion of flowers everywhere and their colors so striking and bright, from the scarlet red of poppies to the purple of lilacs or the yellow of the simple tooth of lion.

Then we have summer, with the turquoise blue of the sea, but what we would never think of would be autumn and winter. However, these cooler seasons are also full of color, not only because of the leaves in all the warm tones, but also because of the new shades of dark blue that the night has.

The cold months are also a great inspiration for both dressing and makeup, favoring fair skin or skin with a neutral or cold undertone. On the other hand, brightens the look a lot no matter what color eyes we have, as Jessica Chastain well knows.

Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne at the 'The Good Nurse' premiere at the London Film Festival

The actress attended the CMA awardswhich is awarded by the Country Music Association, as one of the great stars invited to the gala, since he stars alongside Michael Shannon George & Tammya bioseries focused on the lives of both that revolves around this musical style.

Jessica Chastain at the CMA Awards
Jessica Chastain at the CMA Awards

For such a special night, Chastain chose a dress to match, with lingerie design in midnight blue and black lace, but the details of brilliants that formed constellations took center stage of the look.

Nevertheless, Her makeup was one of the elements that caught our attention the most., being able to pull off very bright colors while looking sophisticated at the same time. Despite having one of the most iconic hair on the screen in a Venetian redhead, the actress opted for very cold tones that provided contrast and illuminated her skin.

For the eyes (ignoring his already well-known ‘cat-eye’), he used a very two thousand icy shadow full of glitter with lots of sparkles that enhanced the green of her eyes. On the other hand, the actress has anticipated one of the great trends for the next season and she wore a raspberry lipstick for the occasion.

This combination of past and current trends create an impressive look that we should not overlook, since it will be one of the great options for fall nights (or even from parties) if we want to leave a mark.

Get the ‘makeup look’ of Jessica Chastain

If you want to get Jessica Chastain’s makeup, here we leave you the step by step so that you can too get it without any effortbut with great results.

One of the first things we see when looking at the actress is the ‘eyeliner’. the protagonist of The Eyes of Tammy Faye She’s famous for her sharp, intense eyeliner, and for that you need a good waterproof eyeliner that can withstand the heat of the spotlight and stay on your skin for hours. One of our favorites is the Epic Ink Liner by Nyx (€9.95), an ultra-pigmented ‘eyeliner’, in ‘waterproof’ pencil format and with a fine and elongated tip with which we can have total control to give our eye the shape we want.

NYX Epic Ink Liner.
NYX Epic Ink Liner.

Another of the most important elements is the bright eye shadow. In the image we see the actress with a cool pearly hue with lots of glitter. To make it last longer on the eyelid and have minimal fall, it is better to opt for cream shadows instead of powder. A good option is Blue Me Sparkling Eyeshadow in the tone White Breeze by Kiko (€9.99). In addition, the glitter is made of biodegradable cellulose acetate, so it does not pollute as much as conventional ones.

'Blue Me Sparkling Eyeshadow' in the shade 'White Breeze' by Kiko
‘Blue Me Sparkling Eyeshadow’ in the shade ‘White Breeze’ by Kiko

Finally, the lips are the last element that most attracts the attention of her makeup and she wears them in a very intense raspberry hue. This bright color can be found in the Matte Revolution by charlotte tilburyspecifically in tone The Queen (€35.99). But don’t be scared by its matte finish, as the annatto and orchid extract softens, protects and hydrates the lips to make them look younger and healthier.

'Matte Revolution' lipstick in the shade 'The Queen' by Charlotte Tilbury
‘Matte Revolution’ lipstick in the shade ‘The Queen’ by Charlotte Tilbury

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