Jennifer Lopez wears the long layered haircut that rejuvenates ten years at once

What concerns to haircuts, There is no doubt that trends come and go at breakneck speeds. What the ‘celebrities’ wear and what goes viral on networks determines the hairstyle we will ask for the next time we sit down with our trusted hairdresser. But, in addition to viral haircuts like the ‘wolf cut’ or ‘bob’, there are some styles that are true classicsof those who always come back.

Something like that happens with layers. This flattering haircut, a classic from the nineties and two thousand, He has returned and he has done it with all the desire. This season the manes are going to fill with movementwith outfits that have long layers as the main protagonists and that achieve maximize volume of the finest hair.

As inspiration for this renewed trend we could not avoid looking at Jennifer Lopez. The actress and singer has achieved the cut with long layers more flattering, and it has done so by mixing it with a very trendy style: the C-Cut. This haircut is perfect for girls looking for extra volume and consists of C-shaped hair, that is, with a gently rounded shape. Each layer is combed increating a smooth stepped curves that can make fine hair gain extra volume in a very natural way.

Aura Garrido

Long layers and the ‘C-cut’ can be worn in thousands of different ways. JLo has decided to give a lesson in style and be inspired by nineties icons, with a extra long hip length hairand with straight, wavy layers combed inwards in the shape of a degraded cascade.

With this cut, Jennifer Lopez has not only managed to multiply her volume. The singer’s new style has turned out to be the trick more rejuvenating. Hairstyles from the 90s and 2000s have re-entered among the most viral trends, taking 10 years off of us with hairstyles like this that have already become the most requested in hairdressers. You can’t help but think about the style worn by the mythical Rachel in the series friendsa long layered hairstyle that defies all the trends and barriers of time.

Eva Longoria on the red carpet of the Oscars 2023

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